WP 2.0 - Masternodes - Info and Stats

(Johnny401View) #1

“Another one of the most requested masternode features is a user-friendly way to view masternode stats from within the masternode and mobile application. We are rolling out easy-to-view stats such as earnings history, current block, coins in circulation, total global masternodes, coin value in USD/BTC, community proposals, voting % approved, and more.”


  1. I’d like to hear from the community, what type of information would be useful?
  2. Does the community have any ideas on the style/layout ?

(OriZ) #2

you already know the information I’d want to see :wink:

(Johnny401View) #3

Could we please start a list of info/stats we plan to display?

(Baldy) #4

I would REALLY like a masternode/staking stats page as follows:

  1. the calculator that been around for a while, but with masternode quantities that load from actual masternode quantities in play and are still editable

  2. a graph with historgram of “time to reward” for each masternode level. I imagine one graph with five gausians on it

  3. a graph of “staking amount in wallet” vs “time until stake reward” with an upper and lower line that represents the 1 SD spread and maybe a second one that is a limit (but dont include data where a stake never arrives)

  4. a live version of the table that shows up in the chat from time to time that has ROI on it

A page like this would be really helpful for people who have running MNs and it would help lower the amount of “when stake” questions. I may add to it as I do more.


need here is such calculator. Clear, precise, informative.