Website Partnership

Hello, I am the owner and sole contributor to the crypto trends website

I do a daily coin overview, based on a random coin in the top 51-101 coins on

Today I stumbled upon the amazing wallet Divi, and I am happy to say it will be the subject of the next Coin of the Day

I was hoping there would be some way I can make a proposal to the network, in which there would be 10,000 DIVI, or ~300 USD at current market price, set aside in a wallet. I would have a referral link to the Divi wallet download page. Each time someone downloads the application through my link, we would each receive 100 DIVI, once the wallet has been drained of all 10,000 DIVI then we can reconsider if the wallet will be replenished. This would result in at least 50 new wallet owners by the time the wallet is depleted.

Either way I will be posting the Coin of the Day, especially considering the relevance because today it was revealed Coinbase is planning to work with IRS and DEA. I was just hoping to find a way to incentive my readers, of which there will be certainly be at lease if not more than 100 in 24 hours, to download the wallet.