We need a new communication platform

There are many reasons why we need one. But the platform has to be as easy to use as telegram but allow far more control over communication channels than telegram or discord currently allow. So, let;s talk about a possible platform called… Platypus (because I like them)

The idea is to trust admins. The idea is to make it costly or not worth it for scammers and spammers.

Thus, if Divi (and hopefully other projects follow) makes it official that Platypus is how they will be communicating with the Divi community on a personal level (announcements will still go to telelgram, twitter, facebook etc) then its entirely likely that people will use it immediately.

So, Platypus is a normal messaging platform, with the following limitations:

  1. only allows DMs from admins to members
  2. provides free read access, but collateralized post and link access
  3. is a webapge, a standalone app, and/pr integrated into desktop or mobile wallet
  4. include TipBot, Sheildy, and other community tools that admins can turn on and off. No API for scammers.

There is a possibility to have person to person DMs in Platypus with the caveat that ANY member in the DM can open the chat to an admin to review.

The idea is to attach a cost to posting and scamming in a way that will make it not worth it. Thus if a spammer spams, the admins can ban him. The act of being banned takes the users collateral.

Read access is free, so people can read. But without DM ability, scammers are emasculated. If they pay their collateral, they risk losing it at the first sign of being scammy.

The collateral takes 24 hours to remove so scammers and spammers cant act and then remove their funds.

This would make it so that the community aspect of Telegram/Discord is maintained, while removing so much of the bad elements because the admins woudl have far more control and teeth.


I like the idea a lot. Seems very admin intensive so not sure about that. Might just be the price we pay for a more secure comm method. I’m wondering if merely having a white list capability would work. By default, DM is not allowed. Set up your contacts and add contacts to your white list. That would prevent imposters and scammers and any unsolicited DMs. Sending a DM to someone not on your white list would require a public request to DM you.

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