Wallet recovery need some serious attention

(Baldy) #1

Hi there, I am staking a large amount of Divi along side of a staking wallet for another coin Neblio. I honestly beleive there is a lot to learn from the Neblio wallet with regard to presentation and operation, despite the fact that the Neblio wallet doesn’t have HD recovery.

the first main difference between the Divi wallet and the Neblio wallet are their responses to unexpected shutdowns. For example, in areas where we want to people to use Divi to make the economy more fluid, the power and internet may not be reliable.

Recovering from a power outage in the Neblio wallet, simply means starting up the computer, the wallet, unlocking it, and it syncs the blocks that were missing and starts staking a gain. Easy peasy.

The divi wallet on the other hand does not do any of that. Something happens, or multiple things happen. The wallet gets corrupted and (on a Mac at least) the divid process doesn’t go away. I am relatively technical and I know how to go to activity monitor to look for weirdness, there is no way we should expect everyone to do that. The wallet needs to be able handle bad shutdowns in a far more robust manner than it does.

Getting past that, and having to remove all the files in the Application Support folders which requires special knowledge to get to in the first place, is also not an appropriate requirement to recover the wallet. Starting the wallet should simply tell the user that there is something wrong with the wallet and would he or she like to recover from the recovery phrase.

Getting past that right now and deleting those files, and re-installing divi desktop, the first thing it does is sync the blockchain with a new wallet. then you have to tell it you want to recover from a recovery phrase, and then it re-syncs the blockchain again. This isnt too bad right now, but in a few months when it might take days to recent it? This will just piss people off.

So, now I have my wallet, and the blockchain is resynched. So I want to stake, so I have to first lock my wallet. When I go to “lock wallet” it enters an area about the HD recovery phrase and makes me enter words from this. I just recovered from these words, I want to create a lock passphrase, which is what it asks me after the HD stuff. All this part is done underneath a skinny circle thing, which adds some extra annoyance on top of the process.

When you reinstall the Divi Desktop it should:

  1. delete all previous files in application support folders, offer to recover from existing wallet. It should recognize if wallet is corrupt
  2. ask user if they want to recover from HD phrase (also if wallet corruption detected) or start a new wallet
    2a) if new wallet, then take user through HD pass phrase process
  3. sync blockchain once based on answer to #2
  4. ask user for password for locking the wallet

It is way too difficult to recover from a broken wallet right now.

Recovering from power outage
(Nick Saponaro) #2

Triaged in VSO thanks.

(Johnny401View) #3

I experienced the same pain yesterday when my electric went out. We need an easy button recovery