Use Case Idea - Divi Social Media Platform

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DIVI PROJECT having its own social media platform will result to new ways to earn income and use cases. It will become masternodes, staking and advertising . How?

Here’s a scenario:

Companies like Ledger will buy $DIVI from exchanges and will increase the demand of the coin.

These $DIVI coins will be used as payment for advertising on the Divi social media app. It’s like paying fiat to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Divi social media app users (specially the no-coiners) will see Ledger company’s advertisements and will earn some $DIVI from it. Imagine, users are just hovering the feeds of the app and spotted an advertisement then they’ll earn some $DIVI instantly by just tapping a button from that ad.

These $DIVI coins earned by a user has now three different use cases:

  1. Can be withdrawn or saved for staking and masternodes using the Divi Wallet app integrated with the social media app.

  2. Used for directly tipping $DIVI on the posts of other users of the social media app. Every user’s post has these buttons — TIP, Like, Comment, Share.

  3. Used for boosting/advertising their own posts like what Ledger company did.

It’s a win-win situation. Advertisers will have the exposure they want and the users’ social media time will be rewarded in $DIVI.


A user account only needs an email, a username (like telegram tip bot) and a password. And every account has a dedicated DIVI address on it or integrated with the Divi Wallet app, like Facebook + Messenger app combo.


  1. DEDICATED SUPPORT STARS - The app has its own dedicated menu for SUPPORT STARS, which will primarily solve Telegram’s problem about hackers and scammers.

  2. Easy onboarding of users especially the no-coiners. Today everyone uses social media platforms the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed. And if you ask an individual on what platform will they use, the earning app is the clear winner.

  3. Easily onboard new users without them needing to invest money because majority of no-coiners are hesitant to invest on crypto so, let the app give them DIVI for free by just using it.

  4. The earnings it gives the users by just using the app will surely help those who are living on the poorest sides of the world that has access to internet and a smartphone.

I truly think that if this app became a reality, it can match Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms out there. Our edge is that, this platform rewards its users.

I’m not a developer so this is all I can do, share my idea on how we can achieve mass adoption with Divi. Thank you.

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