"updating" interference?


I renewed my subscription for my copper node last week, and noticed that, ever since I did that, it keeps having moments when it is updating (as opposed to running), which it never did during the first month I tried it before renewing. The updating usually takes around 15min, and I haven’t received any payouts all week. I was wondering if the updates are normal, good, or bad, and if they are interfering with my receiving payments for my copper node. If they are interfering with it, is there a way to fix this?


Cathy, you may have been affected by the outage on October 4th.

If you visit Telegram we can check your node live and in the moment and it may help us diagnose.

The tool in there (called tipbot) runs 24/7 . It is useful for checking your masternodes anytime or one you know the syntax you can check your masternodes without even opening your wallet any time you want.

If found to be affected we can also help you resolve and get running.

Otherwise please post your masternode address here and I’ll get it reviewed then followup up as soon as I find out.

I don’t think Telegram works on my devices.

Here’s my masternode address: DJFwAUz9xTsGA3AG2AuaADuigEbsEoYuNZ

Telegram works on Mobile, Desktop, and web if you ever want to give it a try :slight_smile:

I’ve got your address and Ill happlily look it up for you

Sorry Cathy that is not a masternode address

However, let’s make this easier - I have my homemade image of an example masternode

If you click the name it will drop down and show you support information.

Copy and post back the IP address in #3


Thanks for the example. Here it is: DMA5buBa9GgdqWGgBinSXY1kYgr3n1Sr9M

Let me know if it works.

Hi there!

Your masternode is running correctly!


The " updating " you are experiencing is purely a cosmetic one. An update for this user experience is coming in the next week.
Updating should alternate between “Running” and “Updating” every 5 to 15 Minutes as your Divi Desktop Application is always reviewing your cloud masternodes status. For the moment, the source it is using needs an update.

The image above is your Masternode using a too that other Divi Masternode owners use in Telegram to check their Masternode Status when the wallet isn’t open, or they are away from their pc.

Don’t fret it’s just cosmetic and has no effect on your masternodes (in the clouds) performance

Although if the Updating(Checking Status) turned to not started you would definitely want to visit us in Telegram for the live support