[TUTORIAL] Get notified on MasterNode reward

(TomBowyer) #1

Down and dirty way to know when your masternode receives a reward. It looks like this:

  1. Sign-up to https://trackly.io/

  2. Click “New Track” image

  3. Enter your diviscan.io masternode/wallet address e.g https://diviscan.io/address/DH3neNishQHd1sGonFZvuWvAwwbxkz7ywh

  4. Select “hourly”, “the whole page” and “no” -

    (you can set it to only scan the balance if you like, but i’ve found whole page works fine)

  5. Click create track and wait for the emails, they will look like this:

No doubt there’s a smarter way to do this, if so please post here.

(OriZ) #2

Very clever, thanks!