Trading on Bleutrade


Hi, does anyone else have experience in trading DIVI on Bleutrade? I didn’t realise that once you’ve traded $500 worth on their exchange, you are unable to withdraw any funds until you provide proof of address AND proof of income. I really think that providing proof of income is a step too far - not even the big exchanges ask for this.
I’ve tried raising numerous support tickets with them to allow me to withdraw my funds, but they won’t have it.
Nowhere on their site does it mention what limits of trading/withdrawal are, and what you have to do to increase them.
I’ve got about $100 of bitcoin stuck on the exchange now. I’d be interested to know if anyone else is in the same boat.


(OriZ) #2

Personally I haven’t had an easy time trading on bleutrade or verifying what they asked me to, I like CREX24 much better.



yes crex24 has been brilliant. Bleutrade are ignoring me now. There is no way to get my funds off their exchange. I guess I’ll have to keep complaining until they release my Bitcoin!


(Jules) #4

Crex is ok but there actually are no other exchanges with some trading volume of DIVI.

That’s why DIVI needs to be listed on other - legit - exchanges like HitBTC, Bittrex, Binance… But I don’t here anything about this at all from team DIVI…



Just an update, Bleutrade are ignoring my support requests. Trade with Bleutrade with caution. Once you’ve made $500 worth of trades, they won’t release your funds unless you provide highly personal info such as proof of income.