Too many rewards?! ;)


Having deposited the 10000 divi in my wallet i have aleready received two staking rewards in less than 10 days. It’s nice, but at the same time, it’s kind of odd because my nodes generate far less divi in proportion!

(TheVoice) #2

Rewards will fluctuate - depending upon distribution % of stakers and Masternodes.

It will swing back and forth but the averages monthly and longer like yearly will fit within the mathematical spreads.


Thanks for answering. BTW. Does a copper node yeld the same amount as 10x10000 divi?

BTW. Ap[ologies for posting in this thread. This forum does not work the same way the good old phpBB script did. I though I was posting in General SubForum. But it still landed here. Nothng I can do about it now. Perhaps admin can help.

(TheVoice) #5

Yes it would - though there are those who are pushing a theory that 10 x 10000 would return more - Im not sure yet. It has to do with the age of each transaction - lots of reading LOL

Myself - I have them all together - not saying that is the best. I am just lazy!

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I wrote a whole article about rewards expectations…please clap it as much as you can