The USA+Financial Unstabe Country Strategy


This Strategy I just invented as a mix of the “focus 1,2,3 countries” strategy and the one I think the team like the most. The “USA->The Vest” strategy.

So, because The Divi Project seemingly has so strong a network in The USA, we could mix that strategy with a Financial Unstable Country.

I like this strategy a lot my self.

The USA market is easy if we really have so crazy connections as it seems ( to the creme the la creme elite )
Because The USA market we would take through getting on air on all the hot tv shows, radio, youtube, all the places you would never think was possible.
USA we would take through just the media, and if first, you are hot in the USA you automatically become a hot subject in the west and in crypto in general. That is how it has been until today. Crypto seems to have started in the USA and from there streams out to the rest of the world. But it may change but I think you know what I talk about. USA -> The Vest -> Whole crypto

And combine this “easy” market with a Financial Unstable country where there is much more work to be done to become the Nr.1 dominant crypto in that country. And after that we make The Divi Project and Divi coin so dominant that no other crypto can get a feet inside. They love Divi and dont want anything else. Divi is the answer to all their needs and they love Divi and is loyal to Divi.

The work that need to be done is 100x harder than online media broadcast to the world USA market.

We will need to set up maybe physical stores that sell every day goods + work as exchange from divi to fiat.

Build maybe water wells and schools to build trust.

In other words really get down n dirty to gain their trust and become nr.1

The reward imo would be HUGE in the end as being the TOAL DOMIANT crypto in that country. We talk over 50% market share if we use financial terms. I know it is impossible to be 100% but 60%++ and you are DOMINAT. 80% is highly possible. But they would be loyal to divi because we gave them water and saved them from evil banker goverment Fiat Currency and gave them their freedom, Health and a Future.

So its a 2 in 1 strategy that is the best of both worlds of strategies.

If one should fail the other will most likely success because they are independent of each other.

If we picked the whole world we would be up against so many coins with a HUGE advantage over us in popularity and that may be a little like the unpopular guy getting more popular than the most popular guy in the class. Not Easy At All! There will be crazy competition 1,2,3 years ahead on the “world wide” strategy. Not that I say we dont have a chance. But it is no walk in the park for sure!!

And I know there will not only be one coin that wins and all other dies. At least 15-25 coins will be mainstream used i can imagen.

But there are over 1.700.

That is what I call competition and noise in a space!

But we can both go the USA -> world route AND the conquer, save and dominate one Financial Unstable Country :slight_smile:


You can compare the “Dominate the crypto market in one Financial Unstable country” strategy for doing a Apple.

We want to do what Apple did in the Smartphone space in the Crypto space.