The great "which exchange is next" topic

Hi fellow DIVI fans,

Finally I’ve read something about NeW eXcHaNgEs in the DIVI blog - great news! As the news regarding new exchange(s) will be published within a month or so I think we can start speculate about which exchange(s) could be the next one(s).

As currently DIVI can only be purchased at Crex24 which has 95% of the total volume traded nowadays.

If I may guess, I think DIVI will be listed at HitBTC first. What are your thoughts?

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I personally have no idea but I cant wait to find out

@Jules Divi Project - Exchange Update - 31 May 2019 - Let's welcome Bitrue to the fold

Hmm Bitrue it is. Never heard of it personally but at least it’s an additional exchange. Hopefully more will follow as the current volume is just soooo low.

I’m sticking with this: more (preferably big) exchanges > more awareness of DIVI > growth of community and eventually price will follow.

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Bitrue has quite a big XRP community and we are getting a XRPDIVI trading pair so it may actually turn out quite good.

Also Swft intergration was completed today which is also could prove pretty good.

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I’m just gonna leave this here:

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Also, I would like to say that Bitrue is a good start in regards to listings on “proper” exchanges. Volume is now slowly increasing which is a good thing.


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Hi all, I am the only one who thinks this is a bit concerning???

It looks like DIVI is available on just 1 legit exchange… Bitrue

All other are shady, low volume exchanges - We need more listings on (preferably) big exchanges!!!

With all the good stuff happening at DIVI - it’s time to be listed on another good exchange right?

What are your thoughts?