The Focus On 1 to 3 Financial Unstable Countries Strategy


This strategy for mass adoption success is not mainstream yet.

This strategy is all about being the dominant crypto/player in 1,2,3 countries.

I got the idea from China, they are dominating the African mobile phone market with more or less this strategy. But only africa as focus for now.

So the strategy is all about focusing on countries that got a need for your product.

Secondly after finding the taget country that NEED your product. In this case it could be Africa, Venezuela, Mexico, or other countries with an unstable economy.

Thirdly you costum make your product for the country or contries of your product. So no competitor got a product of same value & quality to this focus/niche country.

The china mobile example the chinese manufacturer of mobile phones invented a Selfie Camera that took Much Better Selfies of Black People! Normally a selfie with a normal phone by a african is prerry bad quality because of the dark skin. The normal selfie camera was made for white people in the vest …Another costum made advantage was building phones that could last up to 48+ hours of use! in Africa electricity is hard to find/rare so you cant always charge it when you need it with a normal phone. Maybe they dont even got electricity at home. So a Black only selfie camera and a 48+ hours battery is what was more or less all that was needed to Dominate the African mobile market because no other competitor in the space had or has made a phone made for its focus market. In this case Only Africa was the forcus. All other companies think global and would never have thought out of the box to gain a huge advantage over its competitors.

With the divi project and crypto lucky us it is pretty universal what a African and a Vestern person need from its crypto and wallet. But a African language, Venezuelan or Mexican language would be a start, and after that I cant come up with more costum functions. But again we would have to ask them in the focus country what special needs they may have?

In case there is nothing special we could add that only those markets need. We just need to focus on domination our 1,2,3 focus countries so hard that no other crypto can get their food in!

Make them truest The Divi Project and Divi Coin so much that they wont even think about using another crypto! Make them love The Divi Project as much as possible, make them feel they are a part of it. “The feeling of co-ownership/being a part of” “nationality feeling?” “Coin Of Africa” “Coin of The People” that kind of feelings maybe would be what is needed to be so dominant.

Maybe if The Divi Project helped African cities with building water wells they would trust The Divi Project enough to use Divi Coin and after some years when they have water and Financial freedom like never before they will love The Divi Project so much that no crypto can get a food in? Cause Divi gave them freedom and water? “Liberation” world war 2 liberation feeling.

I’am just throwing ideas on the wall :joy:

Tell me what ideas/parts you Divi guys and gals like :sunny:

Little youtube clip from Blockchain Americas where a smart guys tells why financial crountries is the place mass adoption starts 4 real.



You can compare the Dominate the crypto market in one Financial Unstable country strategy for doing a Apple.

We want to do what Apple did in the Smartphone space in the Crypto space.