The Crypto Beginner Guide - Learn the rules of crypto here


Hello everybody,

I got the idea that someone should make a guide for all the crypto virgins/beginners that all ask the same questions and the answers are always the same.

This will likely become a LONG guide with time. Currently i’am not much active on any social media because it is in truth a big waste of time, most of the time. Except for things like this guide that is really needed for New Divi owners and the crypto space in general.

1# Price: The crypto space is like the stock market, but try 10x the volatility and speed it up 10 times and you kinda got the birth of a new asset class, market, technology (in general), financial technology - The Future in other words. If you do not agree you need to begin to study for 1000+ hours these subjects and maybe you will understand it all better.

Price Continued: The price of a cryptocurrency we should expect to fluctuate a lot. High Volatility, big increases and big drops in price on a day to day basis. A drop or increase in price is totally normal to be 5-25%. We can discuss what is normal yes, but this is just to give a picture. If you see a cryptocurrency dropping 5,10,15, 20,25% most people in the stock market would think something really bad happened that could be the start of the end for that company. Where in the crypto market a 25% drop could be just 1 person selling because the traded volume on that cryptocurrency is low. The stock market normally rise and drop day to day in like 0.1-4% increments from what I have understood. Disclaimer, I have never invested in the stock market so numbers may be a little off, but this is again just to paint a picture for the total crypto newcomer. I dont waste my time on the stock market because returns are below my standard and it is in a huge bubble.



Here is the biggest crypto slang/word/glossary list I have ever seen:

Even I can learn a lot here.

I think it pretty much is Complete with 100+ crypto words and detailed description.


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