Syncing or Restart Issue - Fix (OS/MAC)

(Geoff McCabe) #1

Expected behavior

Wallet should start up as normal and finish the sync process

Actual behavior

Wallet is unable to complete the sync process and never works. Restarting the wallet or the computer doesn’t help.

Operating system

  • [ X ] Mac OSX
  • [ ] Windows 10
  • [ ] Windows 8/8.1
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 16.04
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 18.04
  • [ ] Linux Debian
  • [ ] Other UNIX/Linux distribution

Detailed reproduction steps

This is for OSX / Mac only.

Find your Divi folder. It should be here: users/[yourusername]/library/application support/DIVI as shown here:

The first thing to do is to back up your entire Divi folder. Ideally on a USB or another computer. Then if anything happens to your main computer, you can get your wallet back with everything in it. Another reason to do this is if for some reason you make a mistake in the following instructions and delete the wrong files, you can fix it.

Delete the following folders, marked with a red line on the image above.


Then restart your Divi Desktop application. It should re-sync.

This should be fixed in the next wallet update, but this will get you through until then.

The same process works on Windows/PC, but the path to find the Divi folder is different.

(TheVoice) #2


Looks good man!

(OriZ) #3


Where can I find that Catalog/those files in Windows? I’ve got Divi Desktop in Program Files, but DIVI I don’t know.

(TheVoice) #5

Divine you got fixed right.


Yeah. I fixed the sync.