Suggestions for Diviscan


A couple of suggestions for Diviscan:

  • Add a top 100 address rich list
  • Add date and time in wallet transactions page

Thank you

(OriZ) #2



In addition to that, I’d like to see a export option where you can select a period of time of data you want.

I have been looking for ways to couple the time of a stake to the current market price. I’m now using excel to get the average price per week to see how much worth my stakes have been, if this could be automated that would be great.

(Baldy) #4

with regard to explorer… an improvement over diviscan

1)please let me see to the beginning of the blockchain or at least until the last lottery. Right now I can only see 100 blocks

  1. please have a checkbox to see the dates in local time

  2. please let me see the block number too.

(OriZ) #5

You can search for any block number you want by simply typing the number in the search bar, have you tried that?

(Baldy) #6

Yes, but that isnt what I want to do. I want to scroll down…wait a second… maybe that is actually what I want to do. :slight_smile:


block numbers are already there.
still waiting for date and time addition

(Baldy) #8

you are confusing diviscan with the explorer… block numbers, no dates dates, no block number


well, this thread is about diviscan after all…