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I don’t know how revolutionary it is :slight_smile: but it is very easy to implement.

My suggestion is for the next wallet upgrade to put small and precise explanations for the buttons under settings.

I suggest putting them vertical and put and explanation after the buttons. Some are self-explanatory but for totally new people to the space they might not be.

So under maintainance:
RESTART DEAMON: What does it do. When could it be useful
RESCAN OF THE BLOCKCHAIN: same and how does It differ from rescan and refresh
REFRESH: you get the point
VERIFY WALLET: What does it do and when could it be necessary

Same with Security:
We should also add Unlock only for staking

A short and precise explanation of the different buttons

Some text will also make the wallet look more complete. Vertical buttons will be needed for the mobile app so we might as well use it on the desktop.

alternatively the explanations could be underneath or on MouseOver but I think it shouldn’t be hidden. We want ease of use.

Important: The text should not be in depth - just simple what the button does and when it could be used. A more in depth explanation could be in a help file - which I believe should also be implemented in the wallet.

Implementation (optional)

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