Starting a DiVi Masternode

Hello. Just a question, I have started a copper masternode since Sept. 19 however, It is fully synced but I do not know if I set it up properly because I have not seen any coins added so far. Is it my computer or is there something wrong coz I am not earning anything. I followed exactly the step by step process in youtube and they already have earning after two days but nothing for me until now. Is there a required computer specifications To run a masternode? How would I know if it is working properly? Thanks for any response.


You can view copper returns in this Sheet

We also have tools on Telegram to view estimates and check if your masternode is running properly. Please be advised returns are an approximate average, and are random. You could go through longer or shorter periods of time without a reward.

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I started my Copper on July 30, The first rewards came in on Aug 22, and the next one came in Sep 20.

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