Stake Weight Clarification


I’d like to better understand the concept of stake weight. I am aware that it takes 7 days for coins to mature to 100% stake weight. I would like some clarification about what causes the weight to return to zero.

-I buy divi from an exchange and send it to my wallet or someone sends divi to me
-I win an award from a masternode or from staking
-I send coins out of my wallet

Which of these actions brings my stake weight back to zero? Are all coins in my wallet always at the same weight? Are there other parameters that I have failed to mention that effect stake weight?


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@nicksaponaro These might be Yuri questions

Further questions:

  1. How is the lottery calculated from staking? If 1 person has a wallet with 80k Divi and someone else has 4 virtual machines of 20k of Divi per wallet. Is there a difference on winning percentage with those 2 people?

  2. If one user is staking 20k Divi and another is staking 22k Divi, does user 2 have a 10% higher odds of winning? Why or why not?

  3. Does coinage change probability of odds of winning lottery? Lisa has 25k that has matured 3 days while Bob has 25k that has aged 5 days.

  4. What is the minimum amount of blocks that need to pass before my staking balance (getstakingstatus all equals true) is able to participate in the staking process?

  5. Please point to where the lottery section is referenced in the Divi code.

  6. Aside from modifying basic staking parameters, has anything changed from PIVX (which I believe their code was based off Blackcoin POS 2.0)?

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As far as I know only the utxo involved in that stake gets its coins reset to 0, and it’s only for staking, or for sending your funds out…masternode rewards don’t affect it, neither does defunding your masternode.

I also believe both amount as well as coin age affect your chance of winning. The more and older, the higher the chance.

I’m sure @yuraolex can elaborate more.

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@TheVoice @Giff Are you guys familiar with my lottery questions above?