Stacking question



Simple question for the team and the community.
Why does we need to keep our wallet open to be able to stake

Some projects, like neo, doesn’t require it. It save electricity and save computer component

The power behind Stacking is hodl, we could scan the wallet each day and rewards the wallets with that?



If the wallet is locked, the wallet cant stake, aka the wallet cant conferm transactions that is the thing the staker gets paid for. Staking in a wallet is just a smaller version of a masternode. Both needs to be connected to the internet to work on the blockchain to get paid. No work, no reward.

Locked wallet = You cant stake
Locked but staking = it is locked but open for staking still. That must be what Neo is using.
Open wallet = hackers can steal your coins.

Remember wallet needs to be manually set to “unlocked but staking” every time you close and re open it. In future I guess we can make a option so it always is locked but open for staking and dont 100% lock auto as now.


ok thanks a lot for your answer, It make sense!



Very glad we have the locked, for staking only feature then!!