Smart Subscription. Smart Sponsorship.


Disclaimer: I’m not associated in any way with any product or company mentioned below.

Here’s what’s going on. Patreon, Word’s largest subscription platform that I know of has banned some content creators who never not broke their rules such as Youtuber under the nickname of Sargon of Akkad. This has caused an outrage among the people of Internet. And resulted in mass unsubscription and losses of up to 30% revenue among its users.

What we have here is some sort of revolution in making, competition between big media platforms against the new, more personalized and independent creators.

The content creators have began switching to smaller subscription platforms like subscribestar. But then, and this where it gets really interesting, suddenly, PayPal denied its service to subscribestar! Apparently there is some corporate ties between Patreon an PayPal.

So now subscribestar itself is looking for alternatives. So are the content creators. The trust in Paypal and other traditional payments systems has been weakened, which results in renewed and strengthened interest in cryptocurrencies!

Which, of course, means primarily Bitcoin.

And we all know, that in order for DIVI to win, we must not try to be seen as yet another Bitcoin clone. We need to be the next level. And we are. But the World doesn’t know it yet. We need to go out to people and let them have a piece of the experience. Kind of like restaurants promote by giving out free samples of their gourmet foods to passers by.

My advice is to contact people at and offer our services. And all the technical assistance they’ll need. Let them create their own wallets. Let them realize how easy and functional and rewarding working with DIVI is!!!

Or perhaps Diviproject could even create OUR OWN subscription service for content creators, and for everyone, who wants to sponsor somebody. As extension of the concept of widely accessible money transfer.

From Smart Wallet to Smart Subscription. Let’s cut out the middleman (or middlewoman)!

And sure, we will advertise on social media. But the professional thing to do is to find Youtubers who are trending and make them our partners offer them sponsorship in DIVI if they start DIVI wallets, so millions of people all over the net can see the DIVI logo and associate it with quick and easy way to pay or get paid.

For now the Big Youtubers might be a little too conservative for a brand new project such as DIVI, unless they are in transiton and they are looking for new methods of financing. But I’m sure small to mid range creators would gratefully accept even the smallest support from DIVI.

I could talk to the creators myself if only, I have a mandate from Diviproject.

Also, DIVI could sponsor some quality open software development projects such as like blender 3D, which already accepts cryptocurrencies and it features an internal rendering engine called eevee. Which sounds very much like DIVI to me :slight_smile:

(Geoff McCabe) #2

What you’re describing here is a good idea for a third-party Smart Wallet add-on. One of our goals is to get our Smart Wallets ready to be used as a payments platform that developers can build apps for. Within the wallet, users will be able to select and download new superpowers that relate to money transfer. MOCCI could be seen as the first of the wallet add-ons. So we ourselves here at the Divi Project would be unlikely to take on a new use case such as a crypto-Patreon, but what we need to do is make sure that others have the tools at their disposal to be able to build their own company on top of the Divi payments platform.