Site sign-up not possible

when I try to sign up to - I can’t proceed. Any known issues with that?


I have this issue too, seems like it’s not important for the moment. It will be fixed easily when they finished preparing mainnet.

Must be a mobile issue as I am unable to replicate the issue on desktop.

Will have a look.

I’ve done this on desktop. If you enter a new e-mailadress to sign-up, you get this error.

Hmm, I’m still not able to replicate that error. I just signed up from Desktop with no issues. Maybe you have an adblocker or popup blocker that is causing the issue?

Strangely, I was unable to replicate the issue on my mobile device either.

I have no Adblocker or something on my phone. I get the error on both mobile and desktop.
Don’t understand why.

What OS and browser are you using?

On desktop I have Windows 10 and I tried on Mozilla and Chrome.

On mobile I have iOS and tried on Safari.

I’ve got ublock disabled and tried to sign-up - but no avail. (windows 7 - Firefox 61)

IE11 did not work at all - site empty :wink:

Maybe you have some sort of geo-blocking active?

I had a similar problem. I could not get signed up either, and had the same results as described previously. However, I came back later and apparently I got signed it, but didn’t know what the password was as I was trying various passwords to get signed in previously. I clicked on the “Can’t remember password” link and changed my password. Then after that, I tried to sign on with that password and get “Thanks for logging in”, then the screen goes blank and it comes back up with the login screen. That’s as far as it gets.

I’ve tried this on Chrome, Firefox and Brave. Same results.