Site sign-up not possible

(Andre) #1

when I try to sign up to - I can’t proceed. Any known issues with that?


(Iron Man) #2

I have this issue too, seems like it’s not important for the moment. It will be fixed easily when they finished preparing mainnet.

(Nick Saponaro) #3

Must be a mobile issue as I am unable to replicate the issue on desktop.

Will have a look.

(Andre) #4

I’ve done this on desktop. If you enter a new e-mailadress to sign-up, you get this error.

(Nick Saponaro) #5

Hmm, I’m still not able to replicate that error. I just signed up from Desktop with no issues. Maybe you have an adblocker or popup blocker that is causing the issue?

(Nick Saponaro) #6

Strangely, I was unable to replicate the issue on my mobile device either.

(Iron Man) #7

I have no Adblocker or something on my phone. I get the error on both mobile and desktop.
Don’t understand why.

(Nick Saponaro) #8

What OS and browser are you using?

(Iron Man) #9

On desktop I have Windows 10 and I tried on Mozilla and Chrome.

On mobile I have iOS and tried on Safari.

(Andre) #10

I’ve got ublock disabled and tried to sign-up - but no avail. (windows 7 - Firefox 61)

IE11 did not work at all - site empty :wink:

Maybe you have some sort of geo-blocking active?