"Signing Transaction Failed" Wallet Repair with Yuri


It appears that my wallet file is corrupted, I sent direct message to Yuri and my previous post is here: Help needed with old wallet.dat recovery without seed phrase


It does not load with any of those copies.

always like that

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OK… if you are on windows, then try with that wallet setup, a reindex. following exactly the steps in the pinned message in the main divi telegram chat… i.e. this video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3p9XMOSv6w&feature=youtu.be


The oldest backup copies return a different account to mine.


Hi, can I be upgraded to a level 1 user please?

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@nicksaponaro … I have worked with @agni on his wallet. He has a confirmed failed tx issue. We have tried via seed restore and reindexing when he tried the verification of the wallet in settings. The verify button requested a seed restore to be done to the original wallet. He can seed restore, but only a partial balance comes back. He is stuck unable to fund or move anything due to the signing transaction failed issue. Can you please upgrade his account when you get a chance so he can message @yuraolex with his wallet info for checking. He has a copy of both his new seed restored wallet and the original pre-seed restored wallet.dat

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What about a backup one shortly after your redemption? Say the 12:57 one?


There are many bad chances for my account to be lost. Those backup copies that you see in the photo I do not keep. That was right at the time of the error, until Jonhy told me that no one told me that he will make a backup copy of the divi folder, since the backup copies are updated every time you open the wallet. When I made the copy, the oldest security file does not return my wallet. Before, I had misunderstood you, I had tried with the .bak files (there is no solution either). I appreciate your help immensely, but the only solution is that you verify that I do not want to deceive anyone, and that they decide if I deserve to lose my coins.


Hey I would like to send a DM @yuraolex for repairing my wallet. Could you please upgrade me?


@nicksaponaro Yuri informed me you would send me my missing funds yesterday and haven’t received anything yet. Let me know when you send so I can verify.


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@REZ & @crossoveranx your refunds have been sent.


For me the same, waiting since a couple of days already and didn’t got any funds yet on my new address. Also yuraolex didn’t answer me since almost 3 days now. How long does it take todo it? Because I really would like to run my masternodes. Thanks for every help.

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I have this guy Ive been working with he might have an issue related with the Old Wallet.

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Hey there this is the guy TheVoice is talking about… what do I need to do?

logging failure/wallet corrupted
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I’ll just repost it, but it looks like my seed phrase won’t recover my funds:

Hello there, I’ve been working with “TheVoice” for the past couple days on this and I think we are at a roadblock. Before I launched my first masternode two months ago I of course took down the correct passphrase and backed it up in a couple places. I assumed that would be enough. Fast forward to now, and although I had a corrupt wallet that I “verified” and recovered from seed, it will either recover with a zero balance, or on a fresh install on a new computer, it will simply get stuck on “Wallet Recovery - Restarting Daemon”.

I’ve tried a myriad of things with TheVoice, perhaps we are hitting a wall and maybe the new version of the wallet is having trouble reconciling my old passphrase. Anyway, I hope you guys can help!

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Yo guys, 10 days no response… please help!

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Looks like you heard from the Nick! - You are under the care of the BIG DOGS :slight_smile:

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Hey Guys, I am missing 1/2 of my funds, after using verify wallet got the message that the wallet might be corrupted so I have reinstalled the wallet. I didn’t know I had to save the wallet.dat or make backups and know after recovering from seed I only have the half of the funds. So Oriz told me in the chat to contact you guys about it. Can you please help me?