"Signing Transaction Failed" Wallet Repair with Yuri

(Luis) #62

can you ugrade me to level 1 so i can DM Yura


No updates for 3 days, so I’m checking in to see if there’s an ETA. Thanks.

(Jason) #64

Hi Nick, how do i go about sending Yuri my wallet.dat file? i cant figure out how to send him a private email or message on here.


It’s now been nearly a week with no update. Given that I was the first person to log this issue on the forums and the second one to submit a wallet, I’m starting to get frustrated. Several people asked for help much later than I did and had their problem solved a week ago. I’m happy for them, and have tried not to remain calm and helpful, but this is getting unresaonable. Please provide an update, either here or privately. Thanks.

@nicksaponaro @yuraolex

(Jason) #67

@nicksaponaro @yuraolex

(Nick Saponaro) #68

I will contact Yuri to get a status update.

(Nick Saponaro) #69

I upgraded your account. Go ahead and send him a DM now.

(Jason) #70

Thanks @nicksaponaro
@yuraolex i have just sent you my wallet.dat + other info.


(Christine Marlow) #71

Hi Nick I hope I’m posting in the right place, John told me to go ahead and open a support ticket for my issue. We still have not had any success and he thinks I may need Yuri for help and you could direct me how to do so. Thanks Chris

(Nick Saponaro) #72

Hi Chris @yuraolex will take a look into your issue. I have upgraded your account so that you can start a private message with him.

(Nick Saponaro) #73

@miranda & @Jason1986 your refunds have been sent :white_check_mark:

@grayporter you’re next on the list.


Thanks for the update.

(Martin) #75

@nicksaponaro I would like an update from Yuri

(Miranda) #76

Thnx, received it :smiley:

(Christine Marlow) #77

Thanks shoul I contact him here?

(Nick Saponaro) #78

Yes just click his username and click “Send Message” :slight_smile:

(Nick Saponaro) #79

He is looking into yours now. He thanks you for your patience, your message got buried by others.

(Martin) #80

Thank you.


Hi Nick, I was referred to here to get my windows wallet, “sign transaction failed” problem fixed. Can I be upgraded to pm Yuri?