"Signing Transaction Failed" Wallet Repair with Yuri

(sai) #42

Many thanks; new 1.0.5 wallet test transaction; https://diviscan.io/tx/8d542c4c4d748230a8fa0b7b09a51a225947668e8d189a674ef51f96349a565a

(Nick Saponaro) #43

@Varus & @Steve_cash your refunds have been sent



(Nick Saponaro) #45


All sent.

(TomBowyer) #46

AMAZING!!! Thanks you guys so much, I know this must have been a horrible week, thanks for making it good!

(Bittrady) #47

Thanks a lot. I received my funds finally in my new wallet!

(henning søgaard) #48

i received my divi… thx a lot… now im blessed with another MN problem, i get an error trying to setup a new MN:
Failed to deploy masternode.

anyone know how to go around ?


Sent my wallet in as soon as Yuri called for them. Other than an email to say it was received I’ve heard nothing since. Am I still on the list?


While I’m waiting, ran Verify Wallet and got no UI response (no error, no confirmation).


It took about 10 seconds for my wallet before returning ‘True’.


Comes back True for me when using the console command. Still waiting on Yuri/Nick for a response about the wallet.

(Nick Saponaro) #53

Yours is still being worked on. Will update whenever possible.


Thank you for the update.

(Miranda) #55

Hi, can you upgrade me to level 1? I have the same signing issue.

(Nick Saponaro) #56


(Miranda) #57


(Nick Saponaro) #58



(Lanfear) #59

Thanks, appreciate all the help and the quick solution!

(Martin) #60

I sent wallet and password 2 days ago and have not heard anything yet.

How do I know if everything has reached Yuri?


I just sent my file, my password and my new account verificada. Do you know what time I can take?