"Signing Transaction Failed" Wallet Repair with Yuri

(Steven) #22

Perfect! Thanks


Hi Nick, when installing the new build I noticed this in the log:
"[2018-10-12 22:34:57.034] [debug] Downloading package from https://divi-blockchain.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/releases/1.0.3/divi_win_64.zip to C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Divi Desktop\divid\archive.zip …

Is this the correct version that is being installed as the download says 1.05, but it grabs 1.03?

Cheers, Harry


A bit later it says: “[2018-10-12 22:36:12.500] [info] Update for version 1.0.5 is not available (latest version: 1.0.5, downgrade is disallowed).”

(sai) #25

Is this the correct version?

“balance”: 0,
“blocks”: 22134,
“connections”: 16,
“difficulty”: 167.76624468,
“errors”: “”,
“keypoololdest”: 1539390130,
“keypoolsize”: 1999,
“moneysupply”: 644284950.7447944,
“paytxfee”: 0,
“protocolversion”: 70915,
“proxy”: “”,
“relayfee”: 0.0001,
“staking status”: “Staking Not Active”,
“testnet”: false,
“timeoffset”: -2,
“version”: “”,
“walletversion”: 120200,
“zerocoinbalance”: 0

(Steven) #26

Anyone had their funds sent to them yet? Yuri hasn’t replied to me in almost 5 days.

(Yurraolex) #27

Yurii is busy recovering private keys, I will process first batch today, but sent me new address where to send funds

(Steven) #28

Okay thanks for getting in touch, I have sent my address in a pm.

(Nick Saponaro) #29

Yuri is putting together the list of addresses now and as soon as he is done we will begin sending out the funds. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

(Bittrady) #30

Ok, great. Can you write here, when you or Yurii starts the process to send out the funds? Thanks!

(Bittrady) #31

Ok, thanks. Can you also tell when you finish it? Because I still did not receive any of my funds. :frowning:

(Nick Saponaro) #32

Please be patient the process takes time and he has to do it on everyone who was affected.

In the meantime make sure you’re running the latest version (1.0.5) and run the verify wallet function in your settings.

(Bittrady) #33

Hi Nick,

I clicked on verify wallet, but nothing happens. No message if it failed or was verified. What should I expect if I click on it?
My wallet is newest (client 1.0.3 and DIVI Core 1.0.3) and is synchronized.

(Steven) #34

Hey guys

I followed the instructions, sent Yuri the wallet, password and a new Divi address. But then I received an email from Yuri stating “Hey, can you run verify wallet in settings, and write me back if it was a success.”

But that makes no sense, since he didn’t send me a new wallet or my coins to the specified address. I’m lost, I thought I was supposed to receive my new Divi in a new wallet address.

(sai) #35

Yea he means verify the new 1.0.5 wallet, there’s a button in the settings tab.

(Bittrady) #36

The same happened to me. I received the same private message. Yes, there is a button. But when clicking on it, nothing happens. No messageif it was verified or not.

(Nick Saponaro) #37

I have the list of addresses. Has everyone verified their wallet via settings?

The folks on the list are:

(Nick Saponaro) #38

The idea is to create a brand new wallet on version 1.0.5, go into settings and select Verify Wallet to ensure you’re not still running with a corrupted wallet, then let Yuri know that the action returned a success response.

(TomBowyer) #39

@TomBowyer as well please, I sent my wallet to Yuri 2 weeks ago, he sent me a message saying he received it etc. I’ve created a new wallet and walletverify returns true.

I’ve also DM’ed him my new DIVI address.


(Nick Saponaro) #40

I just asked him and he told me that yours is in process.

(Nick Saponaro) #41

Refunds have been sent to:


Yuri is continuing to update the sheet and we’ll get the rest of the folks paid out accordingly. Thanks for your patience.