"Signing Transaction Failed" Wallet Repair with Yuri

@nicksaponaro … I have worked with @agni on his wallet. He has a confirmed failed tx issue. We have tried via seed restore and reindexing when he tried the verification of the wallet in settings. The verify button requested a seed restore to be done to the original wallet. He can seed restore, but only a partial balance comes back. He is stuck unable to fund or move anything due to the signing transaction failed issue. Can you please upgrade his account when you get a chance so he can message @yuraolex with his wallet info for checking. He has a copy of both his new seed restored wallet and the original pre-seed restored wallet.dat

What about a backup one shortly after your redemption? Say the 12:57 one?

There are many bad chances for my account to be lost. Those backup copies that you see in the photo I do not keep. That was right at the time of the error, until Jonhy told me that no one told me that he will make a backup copy of the divi folder, since the backup copies are updated every time you open the wallet. When I made the copy, the oldest security file does not return my wallet. Before, I had misunderstood you, I had tried with the .bak files (there is no solution either). I appreciate your help immensely, but the only solution is that you verify that I do not want to deceive anyone, and that they decide if I deserve to lose my coins.

Hey I would like to send a DM @yuraolex for repairing my wallet. Could you please upgrade me?

@nicksaponaro Yuri informed me you would send me my missing funds yesterday and haven’t received anything yet. Let me know when you send so I can verify.


@REZ & @crossoveranx your refunds have been sent.

For me the same, waiting since a couple of days already and didn’t got any funds yet on my new address. Also yuraolex didn’t answer me since almost 3 days now. How long does it take todo it? Because I really would like to run my masternodes. Thanks for every help.


I have this guy Ive been working with he might have an issue related with the Old Wallet.

Hey there this is the guy TheVoice is talking about… what do I need to do?

I’ll just repost it, but it looks like my seed phrase won’t recover my funds:

Hello there, I’ve been working with “TheVoice” for the past couple days on this and I think we are at a roadblock. Before I launched my first masternode two months ago I of course took down the correct passphrase and backed it up in a couple places. I assumed that would be enough. Fast forward to now, and although I had a corrupt wallet that I “verified” and recovered from seed, it will either recover with a zero balance, or on a fresh install on a new computer, it will simply get stuck on “Wallet Recovery - Restarting Daemon”.

I’ve tried a myriad of things with TheVoice, perhaps we are hitting a wall and maybe the new version of the wallet is having trouble reconciling my old passphrase. Anyway, I hope you guys can help!

Yo guys, 10 days no response… please help!

Looks like you heard from the Nick! - You are under the care of the BIG DOGS :slight_smile:

Hey Guys, I am missing 1/2 of my funds, after using verify wallet got the message that the wallet might be corrupted so I have reinstalled the wallet. I didn’t know I had to save the wallet.dat or make backups and know after recovering from seed I only have the half of the funds. So Oriz told me in the chat to contact you guys about it. Can you please help me?

Hi, I have 3,000,000 DIVI stuck in my wallet. Where do I get Yuri’s contact info so I can proceed with restoring these funds?

Hi. I am trying to allocate funds for my second masternode. My wallet says 201,660 total balance, 101,660 spendable, and 100,000 allocated. However, when I try to send, I get this error: “Signing Transaction Failed”. I tried sending small quantities to myself and I’m receiving the same error. I setup my first masternode December 2018 but cancelled end of May 2019. I recently set it up again beginning of June and had no problems. Admins in Telegram told me to write to you here to help me sort this problem. Please let me know how I should proceed. Thank you!

Did you upgrade from version 1.0.0 of the Desktop Wallet?


What is your telegram username

Hi, I’m wondering if there is anything we need to do in regards to restoring our funds? I see the fork is approaching, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to get my DIVI back.