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Why do nodes show number of DIVI Masternodes Rewards Earned since (date) as 0? Even if the rewards keep coming. Is it a bug, or am I doing sth wrong?

It could have a positive psychological impact to be able to see how much you’ve earned while looking at your node. Also it would help provide a better statistic and comparisive outlook on the Masternode earnings.

Also I am finding it a bit confusing to see staking rewards under ‘Staked’ Label. Wouldn’t it make more sense to show how much DIVI is staked and perhaps create a separate for Staking Rewards?

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(OriZ) #2

That’s exactly what it is already meant to do and to my understanding at least for most people works as designed…shows the rewards in the GUI. If it’s not working for you that’s a whole nother story :neutral_face:


Does it work like that for you? On my Divi Desktop app it has always shown ‘0’.

(OriZ) #4

To my understanding no one has been experiencing issues for quite some time, unless they haven’t reported them. That is very odd that yours always shows 0…but in your “rewards” tab you see rewards coming in?


Yes, the rewards are coming in. It’s just the rewards counter at each Masternodes GUI that’s broken.


I’ve started a copper node 3 days ago an I’ve just received my first reward to the name of that node; Now that node’s reward counter is showing 540. Older ones still display zero and the other rewards (I’m getting much less these days BTW) are to non readable addresses.


Would it be a severe blow to my mining operation if I restarted my Masternodes? Perhaps they’ll start showing their rewards if started after the update… .

(OriZ) #8

Restarting your masternode means you need to wait a full 24 hours + before you start receiving rewards again

(~ Node of the Realm ~) #9

Have you seed restored your wallet at any point with the previous MN still running? If so, then your seed restored wallet will still run those MN’s, but the rewards will come into visible divi addresses and won’t show the allocation names as they come in. The MN rewards total in overview won’t work for those either. It is because whilst your seed restored wallet has access to those addresses & keys the MN’s are assigned to it will still account for the rewards in the rewards tab and tx history. However the allocation account that was created when making the MN doesn’t come back on a restore. As those little allocation partitions (i.e. the accounts named after you MN’s) are not there. The addresses still are inherently part of your wallet and stored in the blockchain. The account naming though was pertinent to your local wallet pre-seed restore. Does that make sense?


I think I understand. Yes. I did do the recovery more than once. I needed to learn to access the wallet from different computers. An besides that, it seems like a basic safety measure. I need to be sure I won’t loose my DIVI.

Is there any easy way to realign the local account names with the address?
Not that it’s such a big deal for me, but we want to make it perfect for the entire Humanity to enjoy :slight_smile: