Setting Divi apart in times of financial turmoil


True, but time-unlocking-delay of just 1 month could, in fact, attract a lot more investors and 10000x better ( and the real goal here ) - MASS ADOPTION. Every Divx have been sold so we dont really care about getting new investors - we are about MASS ADOPTION now in reality. Never forget this.

And investors push any coin with serious mass adoption potential to 1000x so start thinking in MASS adoption and stop thinking about attraction investors. It is the wrong focus group and strategy.

  • Look Ripple for god sake. Bcash, Bitcoin, Eth, Sell and Convince the crypto space that your coin is the best and you go 1000x my friend.

The top coins have nothing on Divi tech-wise, and tons of other alt coins is better. But they are still top 5 because they are selling the story that they are best when in reality they are the worst. They just got known first and are living on that at the moment. But wont be for ever.

Have a nice day and I hope you take it in otherwise I wasted around 20 min of my life :sunny: