RESOLVED - Not receiving staking rewards


Expected behavior

Staking rewards

Actual behavior

zero rewards

Operating system

  • [ x] Mac OSX
  • [ ] Windows 10
  • [ ] Windows 8/8.1
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 16.04
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 18.04
  • [ ] Linux Debian
  • [ ] Other UNIX/Linux distribution

Detailed reproduction steps

I want to see if this problem is wide spread. Please just reply if you haven’t received any staking rewards and for how long you have been staking.

These are the conditions.

  1. you have more than 10.000 Divi spendable
  2. your wallet is unlocked or locked for staking
  3. getstakingstatus return all parameters = true

Please confirm thes conditions in your answer and tell how many days you have been staking. If you are not comfortable disclosing how many coins in you account - leave it out.

My thesis is that a lot of people think they are staking because staking status = true but I think that there is a bug due to local settings that is hindering staking. This means that a lot of coins are just sitting idle and people able to stake are getting rewards more often than they should.

This is just a theory - which is why I am writing this post. I would like to see how many people are experiencing the same. People are being reminded that there is a luck factor in staking but 3-4 days without a single staking rewards does not add up - especially if it happens to many people.

(siebrand) #2

have you checked that your desktop wallet addresses are the same as the listadressgroupings ?

(Lanfear) #3

You can also check your debug log. I’m not receiving any staking rewards either while getstakingstatus shows true everywhere.

Debug log shows 2018-10-03 20:02:32 ERROR: CreateCoinStake : failed to sign coinstake

Same address that can´t send any transactions due to the sign error


where can we see the log file ?


(Lanfear) #5

There should be a file debug in this folder C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\DIVI

(OriZ) #6

Correct, because of the way the blockchain works, those with the sign transaction error will not be able to stake, because it essentially needs to create a transaction to send those coins away and then bring them back(which is also why the amounts are weird once it comes back).

(OriZ) #7

could those of you who can’t stake please post a screenshot of the last couple of days worth of your incoming transactions?


Out of country right now so can’t send screens shots. My wallet is staking from the original redemption address and I have no trouble funding masternodes.

The only transactions I have are outbound and 540 inbound from MN rewards


I am staking, as in the wallet is open, all is ‘true’ and I have nearly half a million Divi staked since 3 full days. No screenshots as I have zero transactions after the first and only one, when my redeemed Divi was deposited.


I have been staking just fine until today. Looks like last night and this morning I am not following a typical staking reward pattern for me. When I perform getstakingstatuts I see:
“enoughcoins”: true,
“haveconnections”: true,
“mintablecoins”: true,
“mnsync”: true,
“staking status”: false,
“validtime”: true,
“walletunlocked”: true

What would cause staking status to be false? Wallet is unlocked for staking and synching and displaying masternode rewards. Not sure what to do next?


I did shut down the Divi wallet and resynched and reopened…


Phew, looks I just got a staking reward.

(OriZ) #13

yes if mintable is true all you need to do is restart…there are many reasons why it can go false, just check on it every once in a while.


Staking status is still showing false despite winning a staking reward, interesting.

(OriZ) #15

@JakstarNo1 have you compared the increase in your balance to make sure it doesn’t include the masternode rewards on top of staking rewards? I believe another user that thought they were not staking because they couldn’t see the transactions recently discovered they in fact were. If you could add up your mn rewards and see if it adds up to your balance or not would be appreciated.


Hi @oriz123 ,

As said, I only see 540 from mn rewards. 2 days ago I installed the wallet on a pc at it started staking right away - showing transfers (uxto+staking reward). So I moved all my funds to that wallet.

but… when I add up all transfers in my history they don’t add up. I have moved uot more divi than I should own original stack + mn rewards.

So I think you are right. My Mac haven’t shown my staking rewards but they are there.

(OriZ) #17

Great! then the issue isn’t not staking, but not seeing the transactions, which will hopefully be fixed in the next update. Going to close this one then. Thanks!

(OriZ) #18