RESOLVED - No earnings from masternode?


Hi, I started a masternode nearly a month ago and it still says 0 rewards earned. I have been getting rewards, show in transactions, but are these staking rewards? I also have 45000 divi in my wallet. How can I tell what is masternode rewards and what is staking rewards? Thanks

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What is your deployment txid?



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You have been receiving masternode rewards

If you don’t see them in the GUI masternode tab it is an issue in there and not with the rewards. It could happen due to multiple reasons - have you ever done a recovery to the wallet?


I am having similar issue. I started a Silver Masternode about 25 hours ago. I don’t see reward earnings yet. How often are rewards sent? I’ve had MN’s on other chains which did 2-4 times per day.

Here is the transaction for the node:

Please advise. I’m hoping I’m not wasting my time on this project.

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Not the best attitude to ask for help with.

This is not an issue. In fact, doing one’s homework would easily reveal(this is documented all over the place) that you need to wait about 26 hours before you start receiving rewards.

I checked and your masternode is up and running perfectly fine. This article details how often to expect rewards:

This app gives you a quick view of ROI

and this spreadsheet gives you a more detailed view as well as allows you to simulate future rewards based on changing conditions

Many of these tools and more can be found in the official telegram.


Well now it’s 30 hours. I “think” my MN is running. I started it and in the Divi Desktop whenever I start it says it’s there but Rewards say 0. No transactions for incoming Divi too.

I put a lot of work into saving up that Divi and what seemed easy to implement now seem like it’s not working. I’d be more comfortable if by now some rewards were coming in.

That Medium article about “When Rewards” is the first time I’ve seen it. If I knew that I had to wait up to 80 hours I wouldn’t have created my post.

But really that seems like a very long time to wait to know if you’re MN is working or not. And my time is valuable so excuse me if I’m not super happy about it being wasted and official documentation not being clear about how long I have to wait.


Hi, I have 2 bronze MNs. Some days I get one or two rewards from each, some days I get nothing, it’s random. I have noticed if my node goes down for whatever reason it takes a couple of days to get a new reward again. I would suggest waiting two or three days. I would guess that you would average two rewards a day with a silver MN.

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there is no “think” here…your mn is running. You need to be patient. This is how you check to see if it’s running…

Whatever you do, as long as it’s running DO NOT “restart” it as that puts you back in the beginning of the queue.


I woke up with 2 reward payments. Excellent. Time to build up more Divi and get a Diamond MN.


Excellent, congratulations!

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