RESOLVED - Masternode guide followed (own VPS), not working

(Jules) #21

Hi OriZ - the divi.conf on the VPS is located here: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\DIVI

It’s not a Linux server, but Windows.

(OriZ) #22

Ok, that could be the problem. While windows should be possible, all guides so far have been written pretty specifically for linux. Nevertheless you would never have created a DIVI directory in roaming without first running divid, and you need to make sure it keeps running. Honestly I would switch over to linux, it works MUCH better.

(Jules) #23

Well if that’s the case I think about just not using a own VPS at all, because of all the hassle and I’m not that technical. But I’ve allocated funds and such, what should I do to start over again and make use of the MOCCI system?

(Jules) #24

And why wouldn’t there be a guide for Windows?

(OriZ) #25

just remove that entry from the masternode.conf file and your funds are free to move around, it just might take them a bit.

(Jules) #26

Ok, and what should I do with the divi.conf of the remote wallet which is located on the VPS?

(Jules) #27

Just to be sure;

  1. I would delete the entries I’ve made in both masternode.conf (local PC) and divi.conf (VPS)

Does this work, even though I already allocated funds in the local wallet?

  1. Close both wallets and eventually built up the local wallet on the VPS via the seed. This way I have my funded wallet on the VPS and then start up MOCCI.

(OriZ) #28

You don’t need to do anything with divi.conf, it’s masternode.conf that keeps your coins locked. Just shut down divid wherever it was your masternode is(which seems like it’s already shut down) and remove the entry from masternode.conf and you should be able to deploy a new one shortly thereafter.

(Jules) #29

Ok, but I should be able to built the old wallet up from seed on the VPS right? Preferably the VPS because then I can have my MN and stake 24/7.

(OriZ) #30

your MN and your staking wallet have to be on separate machines anyway. If you want them both to be on a vps that’s fine.

(Jules) #31

I’m sorry Oriz but can you explain a bit more?
From you reply I understand I need to wallets - one for MN and one for staking. Both can be on the same (Windows) VPS.

(OriZ) #32

No I didn’t say on the same vps. they have to be on separate machines, but can both be on a vps.

(Jules) #33

Ok. So I could start the MN from my own local wallet (via Mocci) and stake on the VPS. Once the MN works I don’t need to keep the wallet open right?

(OriZ) #34

You stake on your local wallet. So wherever that is located is where you receive stakes from your masternode. You need to keep the wallet open if you need to receive stakes, but not for the masternode rewards

(OriZ) #35

@Jules was your issue solved?

(Jules) #36

Hi Oriz I rebuilt my wallet (via seed) on the VPS and used MOCCI: masternode is alive and kicking so thats great! Thank you very much for your help so far.

One other thing… I had to encrypt my wallet again, so I did this. But for some reason when I try to enter this new password in order to unlock the wallet for staking, I get an error. Password incorrect?!

I also tried my (older) password which I used to encrypt my wallet on the local PC but this one also doesn’t work. How can I make sure I - reset or something like that - my password in order to make this work?

(OriZ) #37

that is interesting, never heard of it happening before. Are you being mindful of the fact it is case sensitive?

The only way really to “unencrypt” a wallet without knowing the password is to restore from seed, since that will always bring it back without encryption. Since this may or may not have contributed to your issue, I’m not certain you won’t have the same issue if you encrypt it again after another restore.

Generally though going forward, if you have your wallet.dat handy I would recommend using a program like filezilla to just upload your wallet.dat onto the vps rather than doing a recovery from seed. That might actually solve your problem even now, too.

(Jules) #38

Ok so the wallet.dat from the local PC wallet right?

And what about the MN, will this be intact? As I started the MN after I rebuilt the wallet on the VPS.

(OriZ) #39

It should be, since it is the same wallet. don’t touch anything else, just overwrite the current wallet.dat with the one from your pc(assuming the one from your pc is the one that held all your funds on your pc and it is not corrupted or anything like that)

(Jules) #40

Ok will try and let you know how it went.

Just to be sure I will copy the current wallet.dat from the VPS wallet as well. Better safe than sorry right.