RESOLVED - Deploy MN: "Signing transaction failed"


Mine as well, in case there is some difference between our problems.


I DM-ed you one as well.

(TheVoice) #86

does this result in the popup at the bottom of screen “Transaction failed signing transaction failed” Or is it failing because of funds?

(Lanfear) #87

PMed you mine


Signing Transaction Failed in my case. Most tests were creating Masternodes, so it shows up in the pop up status screen.

(TheVoice) #89

Thanks guys got what I needed

(Steven) #90

I appreciate the work you are doing. But you’re unable to replicate the issue? I have a lot of Divi which I can’t mine and so do many others, yet it can’t be replicated on test?

Have you tried going through redemption and testing it?

(Steven) #91

Me too. I had a clean install on a brand new os install.

(Steven) #92

Yeah it did a similar thing thing to me

(Steven) #93

Yes. I have a brand new install of win 10 just for divi


Me too

(Steven) #95

@yuraolex you there bro? Did you get everything you need?


Any news about this problem? I have signing transaction failed too. I can’t dump privkey correctly. I have the same keys for two different addresses.

(Johnny401View) #97

As soon as Yuri has something to share, this will be one of the first places it will be shared. It’a been triaged as a high priority item.


It wil be good to share status updates.

  • Has this been reproduced?
  • Does the team need more corrupt wallet.dat files or any other info from those wallets? Etc.

Is it correct that all people that have the siging transaction failed error can’t stake, or at east, no staking rewards come in?



Staking is staking. I don’t have access to my funds.


Me neither. I can’t set up masternodes, I can’t send any Divi out and have no idea if I can receive any. But besides that, we are missing out enormously if the staking also doesn’t work.

(Yurraolex) #101

Anyone who has problem with signing transaction and had clean machine, can you provide exact steps that you did with the wallet? As detailed as possible. Plus, would be really great to get corrupted wallet.dat


I have the signing transacction problem. I did this steps:

  1. Download the wallet
  2. Sync with the network
  3. Encrypted
  4. Send funds from exchange to local Divi wallet
  5. execute command “allocatefunds masternode mn01 copper” and get “signing transaction failed” .

Later on discord someone recommend me delete Divi Desktop and wallet, install again and restore from wallet.dat . I did those step too and get the same problem.

(OriZ) #103

What do you mean from exchange? did you go through the redeem process, buy divi on bleutrade, or was it from cryptopia?