RESOLVED - Deploy MN: "Signing transaction failed"

(henning søgaard) #63

great… i have 1.5 hours to your dispossal before i have to leave for job… can i do something to help you out…

(OriZ) #64

Is there anyone here with this issue who didn’t have the prior version from the failed launch and started completely clean and still ended up with this issue?

(Peter) #65

I bought this computer after having downloaded the old software on an old computer so no problem with old software that wasn’t deleted on my current laptop.

(Yurraolex) #66

No need to, together with @nicksaponaro we will provide a solution and instructions how to fix this

(Todd Porter) #68

No. I am not a beta tester

(Yurraolex) #69

then it’s something else, are you having transaction signing error as well?

(Todd Porter) #70

Yes. I started fresh and had this issue

(Todd Porter) #71

Yes. “Signing Transaction Failure”


In my case I can’t be 100% sure (I’ve done over a hundred tasks in AppData over the last week). I was not a beta tester, but did download the wallet for the failed launch in June. I THINK I cleared out AppData/Roaming AFTER downloading the new version of the wallet. Initially thought that Uninstall was sufficient, realized there was a problem synching, cleared AppData, then did redemption, then attempted MOCCI.

That’s my best recollection of the steps, but at this point there’s no way for me to be certain. Windows says that the wallet.dat with my funds was created on September 28, but I’m not sure what that proves.


I was no beta tester, but did install the original June launch version.
However, I did uninstall that version and used ‘Everything’ to find all remaining files/folders containing ‘divi’ and deleted all of these before reinstalling the new 1.0 version.
Could it be the problem, that these files were still in the recycle bin?

(~ Node of the Realm ~) #74

Did you ever download the divi software that wasn’t 1.0.0 though? the original redemption page before this main net launch pointed to a version that was not the current main net. Is there a chance you originally have had this version?

(TomBowyer) #75

I wasn’t a beta tester either, but i did install the wallet for the June launch on this pc. I did an uninstall of the wallet before installing the new wallet, then redeemed.

Maybe your right and the wallet.dat didn’t get deleted and so my new chain funds got redeemed into an old wallet.dat.

(~ Node of the Realm ~) #76

If you relied solely on an uninstaller, or a dragging of the app to trash… depend on whether you are win or osx. Then you will have had the old build still lurking about. You would have needed to manually delete the Divi & Divi Desktop folders (in appdata on windows and application support on osx) … don’t do it now though… only pointing it out… Let @yuraolex do his thing and investigate what is going on.


I did exactly this (left the folders in the trash instead of permanently deleting them) and am getting the “signing transaction failed” message. Noob mistake i know but surely if this was the cause it could be replicated by the devs and fixed?


Hello I’m new in divi. I did a clean installing and i have the same issue if anyone need some information to help solve the “signing transaction failed” let me know.

(Lanfear) #79

I´m sure I deleted my Divi and Divi Desktop folders from appdata before launching the new Divi wallet too and also have this problem.

(sai) #80

Yes, I only downloaded version 1.0.0 for the swap.

(TheVoice) #81

can someone post a screenshot for me of listaccounts and listaddressgroupings on one of these wallets

Like this

Of if you dont want post in public post it to me in dm

(sai) #82

(TheVoice) #83

Thanks Ill take a look at :slight_smile: