RESOLVED - Deploy MN: "Signing transaction failed"

(Yurraolex) #43

That’s more interesting. Can you DM it to me?


Mine just received the redeemed Divi, then when trying to send Divo or trying to set up a masternode using Mocci, I get the transaction failed immediately.
Also have been staking a considerable amount since 50 hours, but no transactions/rewards yet.

(Peter) #45

I don’t see an option of sending anything other that pictures.

(Yurraolex) #46

can you upload it somewhere and send me private link? dropbox, google drive.

(~ Node of the Realm ~) #47

Yeah, I realised what I was trying was technically a hack. My thinking was that people that were experiencing the issue though had technically used an old wallet.dat from June launch that never happened, and installed the latest builds, but it was still the old wallet.dat from before., having not done a thorough clean out. And the wallets were receiving, just like my beta one, but not able to do anything with them because they are from the wrong build initially and were creted from a different chain. That was the route of thinking I was going down and trying to recreate. It was just an experiment really, but one that also produces a wallet that can be funded from this chain, but cant utilise the divi it receives

(Peter) #48



I have a similar issue, so my wallet.dat may be redundant. If more files are helpful, let me know.

(Peter) #50

If needed I can also send a wallet.dat file after having done a restore. My second redeem transaction is not shown in that one but all other transactions are shown.


Same here.

(henning søgaard) #52

same here

(Yurraolex) #53

It seems to me that next thing has happened.
Everyone who has this issue was running beta and didn’t clear his DIvi folder in AppData and started running mainnet so now it looks like you have wallet.dat which was created by beta version, but you are trying to use it with mainnet software. Can you confirm that it’s true?

(henning søgaard) #54


(Yurraolex) #55

I assume that this issue happened only to beta testers.

(OriZ) #56

no…there is no beta tester with this issue on mainnet. @Giff was just trying to recreate it

(Yurraolex) #57

what do you mean? the whole thing was not about mainnet?

(henning søgaard) #58

when i uninstalled the old wallet, and installed the new one, i think it somehow didnt delete the wallet.dat file.
i 100% sure i didnt do the swap with old wallet installed on my pc

(OriZ) #59

yes, but none of those experiencing the issues are beta testers.

(Yurraolex) #60

by old wallet you can mean only beta wallet, and yes, it doesn’t remove the Divi folder from AppData, that’s why you’ve got old wallet.dat.

(henning søgaard) #61


(Yurraolex) #62

ok, I know the issue, normally it doesn’t happen, and to most of people it wouldn’t happen, because they weren’t mixing mainnet and beta. If you end up sending real funds to that wallet, I can help with signing failed so you will make your funds redeemable again.