RESOLVED - Console. Masternode configure

Hi, guys.
I am using Divi in console terminal, not desktop app.
Have started node, waited 5 min, unlocked the wallet, but staking status in false.

“validtime” : true,
“haveconnections” : true,
“walletunlocked” : true,
“mintablecoins” : true,
“enoughcoins” : true,
“mnsync” : true,
“staking status” : false


“encryption_status” : “unlocked”,

Node output:

CMasternodeSync::GetNextAsset - Sync has finished

Operating system

  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 16.04
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 18.04

Detailed reproduction steps

could you help with this issue?

My guess is you just finished the installation and then unlocked before mintable became true…try to stop the daemon, then restart it and unlock again.

left for one night and saw in the morning that “staking status”: true

also have a question.
starting masternode.

  1. at masternode call

    divi-cli allocatefunds masternode mn140 copper

as result I get collateral hash.
2. 15 confirmations
3. at masternode call

`divi-cli fundmasternode mn140 cooper  collateral_hash <ip_of_this_masternode>`

as result I get mn140 <ip_of_this_masternode:port> privkey txid index

so this line mn140 <ip_of_this_masternode:port> privkey txid index I should save to the masternode.conf at this masternode? or to the other (control) node?


You use the private key and ip in your remote divi.conf, and paste the whole line in your local masternode.conf

You use the private key and ip in your remote divi.conf
remote node is actually masternode?
and the local node with masternode.conf is control node?

Yes. Are you following the instructions in the wiki for the conf files?

yes. found the issue: not correct IP address.
Am I right, when I will start masternode from the control node, PoS miner will start to work at control node not at masternode?

The startmasternode command kicks the remote node into gear. But both need to be running