Raising awereness for DIVI

(Jules) #1

Ok, let me say first that I’m really liking the DIVI project and what they want to achieve. Development is coming along nicely, how they inform the community is admirable and they have a experienced, transparent team.

I own a silver masternode and there is no other coin that makes it so easy to lauch a masternode as DIVI. Wallet is user friendly and works like a charm, so far so good DIVI!

But what I kind of miss in this project is a bit more focus on marketing and liquidity. Increasing the awareness of DIVI and what it stands for is inevitable in order to achieve mass adoption - and right now this topic doesn’t get enough attention in my humble opinion. DIVI already has a good working “product” so why don’t carry this out a bit more?

Also, in order to raise awareness and liquidity, are there any “real” exchanges in the line-up for listing DIVI? With all due respect, but currently DIVI is not listed on one of the bigger exchanges and therefor a lot of people don’t even come in contact with DIVI at all.

Again, don’t get me wrong as I believe in the DIVI project and what we are trying to achieve as a community. But I really would like to know when and how DIVI is stepping up their game as it comes to raising awareness with certain marketing activities and by getting listed on bigger exchanges.

P.S. I thought DIVI would get listed on DX.exchange as well - but can somebody point out why this hasn’t happened yet?



Hi Jules
I agree with you. I’ve got a silver and 2 copper masternodes. I’ve always been frustrated by the lack of community with DIVI. Other (in my opinion lesser projects) have really thriving communities with lots of discussions on the likes of discord, bitcoin talk and reddit. I really can’t get on with Telegram, and I feel that discord is far superior in terms of layout, organisation and just an ability to be more sociable.
I did suggest setting up a discord channel on bitcoin talk, but as usual got no response.
I often check in to this forum to see if there are any new discussions / news, but there rarely is any.
Yes, the exchanges are pretty poor in terms of volume. I’ve invested a lot into DIVI, it would be nice if the community and the devs were more involved. I think a discord channel would help to raise awareness, but that’s just my opinion!


(OriZ) #3

DIVI has an incredibly active, involved and engaged community and devs. That’s not just me saying - almost every newcomer comments on it. However, most of that happens on telegram, so without using telegram, naturally that wouldn’t be clear to some. We actually moved everything from telegram to discord about a year and a half ago, and even had a bot that connected the chats in both; It didn’t work, and over time conversation on discord simply died off as most people preferred telegram. The discord channel still exists but doesn’t have much activity. Most of the activity and engagement happens on telegram these days. I also never saw your suggestion on btctalk, so not sure where that is. I’m also not sure what you mean by “as usual” because I’ve never seen a single question by anyone go unanswered anywhere.

From the research the core team as well as a few of us have conducted it appears that DX Exchange is pretty much a scam and so DIVI will not be listed on there, again this as well has been discussed thoroughly in the telegram group. Real, non scammy Exchanges are being actively pursued, but unfortunately getting listed is not as easy as just asking one to list you. I’m certain there will be more exchanges this year.


(Jules) #4

Thanks for the feedback, @dkdogg and @oriz123. I agree with @dkdogg using Discord main channel instead of Telegram because of the additional functionalities it offers - and (in my humble opinion) looks and feels much more professional. On the other hand, there need to be enough users as well, to make the server interesting and appealing.

I didn’t knew that DX.exchange is seen as a scam exchange and good that DIVI is not listed here if this is the case. But why doens’t DIVI give more insight in which exchanges that are actively pursued? I think the community can support in this process too - to get DIVI listed on bigger exchanges as HitBTC, Bittrex, Binance, Blockport, …