Question on how the stake split works

I’m still new to this and have a bit of a question. I understand that when you win a stake and if you have >100k in your TXID then it will get split so your confirmations don’t go back to 0. I won a stake recently with a ~140k TXID that had 9k confirmations. The TXID was then split into two TXIDs (70k each) and the confirmations for each was set to 0.

Is this correct? Maybe there’s something happening in the background I’m unaware of. This info comes from using “listunspent”.


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The outgoing UTXO winning the stake is considered “spent”, but in order for you to not have to wait a full week to reach 100% coinage on the full amount(140k), it splits it in half. Now, the next time one of your 70k utxos wins a stake only its own age will be reset, and you will have another 70k utxo with full age.

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