Proposed Gov First Step - Easy Wallet Polling

(Johnny401View) #1

Before implementing community controlled MN voting, I recommend my polling proposal above. It allows community input while still allowing to core team to direct the 8% rewards to kick off the project for at least a few months.

(Nick Saponaro) #2

Transcribed version from the other site below:


I believe the first step toward community governance revolves around an easy way to conduct polling through the smart wallet. Polling not only offers direct feedback from the community, but also allows a way for the Divi Team to review community engagement levels.

Direct voting on proposals should be a process reserved in later phases.

Polling Control

I recommend polling events are generated directly from the team. If a community member feels a topic needs to be presented in a poll, we need a process where if there’s enough community support, the Divi team could post the poll.
Maybe allow a community poll to execute based on a fee and/or support?

Wallet Notification

Some type of notification that new poll(s) are available

Weighted Polling

Unless we plan on verifying identities, it’s too easy for people to create multiple wallets to try to manipulate outcome. If we aren’t verifying identify, I recommend 1 coin = 1 vote

Polling parameters

Items such as description of the poll, team comments, duration etc…


If someone doesn’t want to participate in polls, however, wants their voice heard by someone they deem better informed, I’d like to see an option for vote proxies.

Example: Johnny2Tall owns 100,000 Divi. He would have the option to have BillyBlockchain control his 100,000 Divi for ‘voting’. He believe Billy is well informed and would make decisions that benefits the project.


Easy way to search the results of previous polls


Would the votes be public? Could an individual toggle public/private vote options?


The goal here is to get community feedback without turning over the keys to governance at phase 1. It doesn’t matter how amazing our full governance system works if we’re not first able to inspire participation within the community. I feel this is a first step for the team to get the necessary feedback in a transparent way from the community and start looking at ways to improve participation.

(Geoff McCabe) #3

This is all excellent ideas. I see this being done in two phases. First we just need a way to tally votes, by coin ownership, in a simple way with a GUI. Then add the rest as a second step.

A technical question is how/where the info is stored for this. Three options: blockchain, p2p system in the masternodes, or centralized in a repository somewhere like on our web server.

(Johnny401View) #4

Since it’s polling and not votes that force action (example: modifying block timing), I don’t feel the system needs to be too involved. I’m open to whatever the devs feel is best. Here are the items I feel are necessary:

  1. Results viewable from the wallet
  2. Verification the results are genuine
  3. Some type of way to restrict the poll creation to the Divi team
  4. A way for users to submit poll ideas

The polling itself should have basic common functions such as due date, types of questions etc…

User-friendly in the wallet is key. It should feel familiar.

(Johnny401View) #5

Anyone else think this is a good first step?


Sounds good to me @johntravelsasia. I really like the idea of voting/polling through the wallet. This will be an especially cool feature once the mobile wallets are released. The option to sign up for text or email notifications when new votes come up would be helpful.


Your second suggestion sounds like a good starting point. @johntravelsasia

And I agree with @nicksaponaro

(OriZ) #8

Polling control - I would prefer a little more democracy. I think anyone should be able to propose a vote. the community(masternodes) can then vote on whether or not it deserves a vote, and then if approved, vote on the issue itself. Maybe to begin with, on some crucial development issues it should be done by the team, but later on I’d prefer it to be 100% community managed.

Wallet notification - I believe it’s already planned, see below.

Weighted polling - this is exactly what I remember Geoff proposing in a discord chart late last year. 1 coin = 1 vote, I’m completely on board. I do agree with giving team members an x2 weighted vote though, since they are the ones doing the bulk of the work.

Transparency - definitely think votes should be public.

Here is an old excerpt I have from the first whitepaper, where it seems many of the features mentioned are already planned:

Easier Participation in Governance: Currently most masternodes use a
rudimentary form of voting that requires inputting programming commands.
We are creating a governance tab where participants can easily view proposals,
statistics, and vote with a simple click.

The Divi Project is a transparent decentralized community driven project. Built
into the core app is a governance system that allows all participants to view
community news, submit proposals, vote on community proposals and view the
voting status of a current proposal.

• Masternodes will be eligible to vote. A sliding scale of voting weight will be
determined based on stake amount as well as masternode status{Geoff then corrected this to 1 coin = 1 vote}
• The world’s first Democratic blockchain. Because of our one-click
masternode install, anyone can participate. Past systems were
technocracies because masternodes were so difficult to install.
• Easy click voting through a user-friendly UX

(Johnny401View) #9
  1. Polling Control

I meant this to be a very early step. I envisioned topics would be initially generated by the team and then control sent to the community.

  1. Wallet Notifications

I haven’t seen this done to my satisfaction in other projects that utilized voting. It’s a careful mix between grabbing the users attention without annoying them.

  1. Weighted Polling

I agree with your assessment

  1. Transparency

FollowMyVote had an interesting concept that allowed someone to verify their vote was counted without having to identify how they voted.

(Johnny401View) #10

Do we see this as a first step?


The only reason the team’s vote’s should count double is if we agree they are better at taking the right decisions. But that is not democracy. More like back to the middle age with kings and queens if you ask me.

Either you go 100% democracy or 0% is my opinion.

Democracy to me is = corruption/lies.

Democrazy is a lie in the real world.

Maybe find a better word.

Democracy is like saying “fiat dollar” the things we want to get away from with crypto and decentralisation.

(OriZ) #12

No, it’s simply a part of a checks and balances system.


In the beginning I believe the team should find inspiration from the community but be the entity that makes the final decisions. They do know best about the inner workings of divi.

But eventually the power should go to the “people”. I don’t know about the timeline. I guess the community should decide when we get there.

First we need to build the product. I do realize a good governance system is part of a good product but IMO there are lower hanging fruits to pluck.

Where on the roadmap do you think the governance system should be placed?

(OriZ) #14

very high, imo. I think within a year we should be mostly feature complete(as far as originally planned features go anyway), and after that most decisions should be made by the community. but like I said, I still believe the team’s votes should be weighted higher than other people’s for the simple fact that A they’re the ones who have to do the actual work and B they know better what goes behind the scenes.

(Johnny401View) #15

The whole reason I recommended polling as step one was to give the development team much needed feedback without forcing an action by investors. It’s measureable feedback based on investor weight.


Agree, also the team have said they are not handing control over before The Divi Community grows a lot bigger and The Project matures ( full road map implemented I assume ). The team did not say this directly, but indirectly.


I dont feel that “because they are doing the work” is a valid argument for higher weighted votes.

It should be about brain power, being smart, being intelligent and taking the best decisions that would be a valid argument for higher weighted voting. I would say The founding team Geoff, Nick and Michael could be augmented to have higher weighted voted due to this. Not because they are doing the work so to say, but they have a better insight and has proven to be smart taking pretty good decisions until now ( noone is perfect ) in the best interest of the Project.

Maybe even the angel investor with a big experience in crypto could be on the list. He should have a deep understanding in what is best for the project.

I would include some advisors if I knew them personally so I could weight their expertise/understanding of crypto/intellect/and knowledge about marketing and economics in general.

Some are born leaders, some are not. Some are born experts but not leaders. Some are not born any of those.

Born = genetics

Not being personal as always :sunny:

(OriZ) #22

I would not support any advisors or angel investors or anyone BUT core team members having a higher weighted vote.

(Johnny401View) #23

The beauty of polling is weights wont matter. Even if 80% of the community wanted choice that the team disagreed with, it gives them the right data without forcing their hand.