Proposal for Small Change in Block Rewards


Logart is spot on.

I long time ago told Geoff that the in the current world we live in big $$$ is needed for success. It was not like this 2 years ago in crypto but it is now. Even more if you wanna reach the 99%. With facebook, google and what not of marketing.

Fact is. The more money you use on marketing- the more you “sell” in this case gain users. It is a die hard fact.

So the more money the project has the more likely it is to gain success at any scale.

Íf you are a poor company you can as well just shut down already nearly like it is in the real world of business.

The noise in crypto is EXTREME. I do not think you can become the new ethereum or other top 15 coin without massive marketing and what not.

Divi did not rise much money compared to competitors at the ICO, so how will the divi project fight 100+ million ICO + private investors marketing ? I’am not painting dooms day at all. But painting a picture of why it would be highly intelligent to give the team as much money as possible to launch this project strongly into space without being held back by a budget. Money is = success in 2018 my friends. The sad truth and it is the same in crypto 2018. Alone developers and other professionals needed for a serious crypto project cost Big Cash if you did not know. BIG CASH. Block chain developers are headhunted from the whole word and the crypto projects are overbidding each other to get the best. Evven tomochain’s CEO says his mentality is to Overpay his staff to be the most productive they can be.

  • Money money money the first years is essential for success my divi friends. We can change it after we are top 25.


Also remember the more money the project has the more people they can hire and the faster everything on the roadmap will be implemented! If you like the speed now ( no hard feelings making a point here ) then it will take maybe 5 years to fullfill the divi current road map with all functions. 5 years lol. The train has left the station by that time. We should be serious and aim for full road map implementation in max 2-3 years. Finished down to every little detail. And The Team will need likely 20+% of all coins minted until that day to finish it within a…what do we want to call it? Acceptable time frame compared to the speed of the space, competition, adoption rate?

I could live with 40% to The Divi Project Foundation until the road map is fully implemented in 2 years from main net launch aka Q4 2020. And -10% to masternode and stakers in that time frame. Using Logarts distribution model.

Michael Novogratz basically saying the same as me



Even 25% block reward to the treasury is very fair! isn’t 75% enough for us?..MN holders and Stakers? 3/4 of the total block reward.

I was thinking something like this (with 25% treasury)

42% MN
33% Stakers (75%)

10% Exchange
13% Development & Marketing and Rewards.
2% Charity (25%)


it’s not just about throwing money at things, it’s about impact using the budget that exists.

As I said, it can always be increased based on performance and success.

Just to expand budget to the extent you are talking about reeks of impulsivity.

There is absolutely no need to raise silly capital for exchanges (which is a pseudonym for ‘binance’). This team clearly has the human capital to make things happen by networking and working smart within budgets. The exchanges will come to Divi with successful execution.

(OriZ) #48

I would support an allocation of anywhere from a total of 15%-20% to - treasury, development, marketing, exchanges, charity…lumping them all into one(I’ll let the team decide how to break it down from there). 15-20% imo, no more, no less.


15-20% imo, no more, no less.

In that case 20%, 15% is too little IMO

(Johnny401View) #50


When it comes to the ‘knobs’ to modify reward allocation, when is this realistically being considered to be available through the wallet. I would guess it’s further out than people think since we still have to implement the voting governance system first and foremost.


Nope, in this space you only have 1 chance really.

Noone can say “ah we failed in 2017 to do a Ethereum, we do it in 2018 with 0 $ for marketing as ethereum did it, we have a second shot” - The 0 $ for marketing train is long gone with 2017!

2017 we went from maybe 250 coins to over 1.500!

What you are saying is we can turn back time and try again to re do it and not miss the 2018 train that will not be the same as 2019, and 2019 wont be like 2020.

This space moves in “phases of adoption” and you have to hit the timing and effort perfect because you only have one shot. You can not turn back time sadly. So better over do things and gain succes than under estimate what will be needed for success and utterly fail missing the golden opportunity.

You can compare it to some sports where you have to be 200% deidicated train every day for 10 years to have a shot to be the best in the world for a few years and then the train is gone for that athlete’s body.

Point - You only have one shot in crypto. So be damn sure you did whatever it takes.

This is the worst time in our lives to be greedy. And the best time to think smart and long term.

  • I suggest up to 40% for treasury the first 2-3 years. Go get the full road map implemented in max 2-3 years and not something like 5 and it will most likely be too late by that time. Adoption rate is faster than that and the crypto competition is also faster than that.



It is highly fair.

But why even use the word “fair”?

It is to pay the bills that come with running a company. A company has employees that dont work for free. And in crypto the salary is much higher than outside of crypto.

People just need to get real about what it takes money wise to launch a Crypto to top 25 in 2018/2019.

And the lower the coin price is the more coins is needed to pay the bills. So with time the price of Divi rise and less coins will be needed to pay the bills!

And The Divi Project is not just any crypto. We are aiming to do things noone else ever has done! No crypto has done, and be one of the top used cryptos if not The most used crypto long term. = Much bigger expenses.

So the word “fair” is not correct to use. It is an investment back into The Divi Project long term to make sure we wont Lack capital to get on to the Mass Adoption Train. Aka success, aka moon.

In case 40% is “too much” we just lower it the next year. No problemo!

Better have too much than too little - Imagen you having too little food and starving rather than having too much food.

This is not a personal attack, but a eye opener to most about the mindset needed here.


If anybody disagree they should go to and go from top 100 to top 1.600 and notice how many shit coins there is who never made it or will never make it.

This excercise is a serious eye opener.

Why we have to get into the right mindset and think big and smart or likely fail.

One mindset nearly gurantees success, the other nearly gurantees to fail.

Sorry, I have read too much about this to let this happen to The Divi Project.

9/10 companies outside crypto shuts down within 2-3 years. Thinking too small. Most likely it will be the same for the 1.600+ coins on the crypto market. That is 160 coins out of 1.600 that will gain success/survive.

We cant do a Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum 2.0 with no cash and no employees in 2018. That time is long gone.

You need Big Money to change the world Divi boys and gals. -> Michael Novogratz agrees

Good night :slight_smile:

(OriZ) #54

Having put some thought into this, I really like this option. However one change I would make, and I think @geoff and the team should make as well, is not determine already for voting purposes how much would go to charity, how much to development and marketing, and how much to exchanges. I like transparency, but I feel like they’d be backing themselves into a corner again similarly to the deadlines. I like it better this way:

44% masternodes
37% stakers
19% exchanges/platform rewards, development & marketing, charity.

Then, based on their needs after launch, they can decide what to use where.

(OriZ) #55

by then we could change it back.

(OriZ) #56

I don’t like the government taking 40% of your money…I won’t like the divi foundation doing it either. with all due respect…this is some people’s income and there needs to be a healthy balance. I feel 19% is exactly that balance.

(Johnny401View) #57

I’m loving the discussion. I’m leaning toward 19% myself, that’s over double of what the team was initially proposing (8%). With that being said, I wouldn’t mind entertaining a proposal to increase it if the MN voters feel based on market conditions, those changes should be made.

Let’s also remember the team has diamond nodes of rewards. Until they are able to setup some OTC type large purchases or get buyer support in bigger exchanges, it would already be difficult for them to properly liquidate their coins.

(Iron Man) #58

We should make a vote about this but it sounds goods. 20% treasury and they decide how they use it depending on their needs. At least after launch they must have funds for marketing and developing.
We masternode holders will have the same profit even if we get a little less coins in minting because if they have the cards to make Divi grow the price will rise too.

It’s an interesting subject because no matter what we have to allocate more funds to treasury. Even after redemption they will have a lot to do and they need money to do it the right way.

I would say we take 5% from masternodes and 5% from stakers to make 18% treasury. So it’s fair for everyone.


Government is stealing 48% of my money.

I never was asked if i wanted to participate in this.

But I choose my self to invest in The Divi Project.

And it is not a “income” and it is not “stealing” you bought your self into the project. Noone forced you or is forcing you.

Income: It is not a income in normal terms. It is a masternode ( investment ) reward for the service your masternode provide to the network. But this is in reality a company Oriz, and this company is as young as it gets. And they did not rise much money from the start because they are humble. But reality is The Divi Project already used most of the ICO money if not every penny, and the 19% I dont think will be enough the first years due to the price being low because it is a totally brand new crypto currency out of 1.650+. + Bear market.

I think we the first years The Divi project will need more like 40% of total coins minted to hire the people needed to make the Whitepaper a reality. + the tons of smaller addons we have come up with since it was written. All this should be finished within 3 years I would say. So The Divi Project is a “finsihed” product in 3 years when mass adoption likely is full force. After the whitepaper has become a reality and Divi have 50-100x we can lower founds to developement or what you wanna call it to 20% or 10%. The team can tell us what will be enough in 3 years.

The 40% of minted coins channeled back into The Divi Project to fulfill the vision and make the whitepaper a reality and 100x+ our money and make us all rich, and bring the whole world on the Divi ship. It all depends 100% on if The Divi Project is held back on money or not.

Example: A mom and 4 kids are poor. Mom goes out to buy food for the week. She needs 100 usd to buy what they need but she only has 50 usd. They only can afford half the food they need. They starve for the whole week.

How are a company gonna develop something that cost maybe 10 millions usd a year if they only have 5 millions? They wont. Simple. If they do it will be so slow that we get too late to the party. Speed is the key in crypto. Speed is many developers. And they are hella expensive, We are talking many millions a year will be needed to make The Divi Project become a reality.

The Difference on 20% or 40% is likely Success or Failure.

In the end we all win by re-investing as much as needed back into The Divi Project The first years.

I’am not trying to be personal my friend, many others in this Community needs to realise this as well. You just was unlucky to put your self in the position to be the receiver. But I know you can handle it :slight_smile:


Sorry for the long post. I tried to shorten it but it wont let me edit it.

(Johnny) #62

I think 18-20% is fair and will accelerate the project. I too believe that maybe we should keep the see-saw system and reduce the masternode rewards and staking rewards in equal measures. As Steve said in telegram It’s essential we entise the small holders as this is what divi is looking for after all mass adoption and adoption in developing areas. We want people excited about staking just as much as holding a masternode. Plus the game theory is interesting and will keep holders interested in the placement of their coins. Let’s keep the see-saw pls!

(OriZ) #63

Sure you were asked; You could choose to move; you could choose a job that pays you less; you could choose to not work. Same here…you could choose a different project, but do you really want to be forced into that because they are stealing your money?(yes, 40% would be a steal, much like what the government is doing is a steal). Yes, some people are counting on the rewards as a form of income and it’s their right to do so. It is not considered an investment. You are not an investor in Divi. You perform work for Divi, and divi pays you. Right now you are basically asking them for a pay cut.

I know they didn’t raise much money in the ico - I was there. But they still raised over 3 million. You don’t need to tell me what the team needs - I was one of the people who went to the team and suggested to make a change to the reward structure, but not in my wildest dreams did I imagine anyone would find 40% to be a reasonable number. To me 40% is insane. I believe divi can do just fine with 19%, unlike the government I don’t believe the solution is to always throw more and more money at something - that’s simply not effective and it’s been proven that frugal companies with a lower budget actually perform well than companies that are swimming in money usually. It’s all about priorities and I trust this team to know what to do with the limited funds they have.

So I’m sticking to my guns here;

44% masternodes
37% stakers
19% everything else


My mind is clear, i will vote on the option with more allocation to the treasury (which seems to be 19% at max) :relieved:

40% is too much. But anything from 19-25% is reasonable.

Also worth to mention that the treasury allocation for “development” doesn’t necessarily has to be done by the original divi core developers, it suppose that, anyone can continue the work of the founders… if some developer or group of developers has an idea, they can make a proposal and get funded. 3million $ is not much, and they could be easily be running out of money.