Price Low, Need Marketing

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Price Low, Need Marketing

In the short period of time DIVI has launched, we’re already on multiple exchanges. While that’s a great opportunity to possibly pickup inexpensive DIVI, new exchange listings are never a good indicator of market interest.

  • Wallet fixes/enhancements are the top priority
  • Newly launched coins typically have low volume which can swing up/down with very little investment
  • We’re not on CMC yet which is where investors typically locate coins
  • Once we’re on CMC, we’ll be featured shortly afterward on Masternodes.Online
  • Until the wallet reaches release candidate, expect marketing efforts to be in preparation mode

In other words, wake me up in a few weeks when the volume has reached a point where we can have some level of confidence market discovery is accurate.

Francis makes a great point:

‘It is much better for all of us not to hurry and make sure the wallet and MN are error proof before we go to the big public with marketing. Most people will not come back to divi wallet if they face problems. So i believe that should be the priority before marketing even start.’


Absolutely agree with you. I have done a fair bit of UAT and launching something too buggy, especially to the public who are already unsure of Crypto, would quite frankly be devastating.