PayPal payments for MOCCI


About the Dec 14 2018 news concerning the plans to introduce payments for Masternode Cloud service via PayPal.

Someone’s been cheering the article on facebook, like that’s great news. But it looks to me like a colossal cost increase from basically nothing to 10-15 bucks per node each month. With the current DIVI exchange rates you could almost buy more DIVI for that that than your Copper Masternode can earn.

And can’t the app simply deduct the fee in DIVI from the wallet?


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I hope you have had a cosy Christmas and New Year :blush:

1# Nothing in the human made world is free. Cloud hosting is also not free. Costs 10-15 USD normally if people dont host it them self manualy. If they host it manually they can save the insane sum of 5-10 usd a month. - Remember this bear market wont last forever. And can you say minimum 20x when the next bull market comes. (the whole market will likely 20x by it self again MINIMUM - Some will 1000x again)

2# The Crypto to Dollar exchange rate decides how much a copper node earns a month converted into fiat. ( banks, USA government, China, Russia. And the Rest of the world ) So what can we do about that? Nothing. It is the same for all crypto currencies even Bitcoin.

3# Yes, we could pay in Divi, but then the Divi price is pushed even further down because The Divi Project has to sell Divi into Fiat to pay the VPN provider the 10 USD a masternode cost. We avoid pushing the Divi price down by paying in the valueless Paper currency called Fiat. The currency that is dead in 25 years. World Wide Dead. So I gladly exchange my valueless scam paper fiat into a store of value that is even better than Bitcoin, Gold, Silver and so on.

Bonus info: The human race have invented the creation of Gold in a lab. So in 25 years I would think it is cheaper to create it in a factory than digging it up. = Gold & Silver died as the worlds best store of value. Only crypto survived.


Oh and my advice is the same as always on the expenses of hosting copper nodes.

If you feel it is too expensive - Then buy more Divi so you can host a Silver for the same price as a copper!

Then you got the Cheapest hosting in the world! (Dedicated, you own the private keys, no manuel setting up, no mainteance ) - it is 3 masternodes in 1, and you only pay for 1.

With gold tier it increases to 15 usd I think they said it likely would be.

Crazy cheap for the equal of 10 Masternodes! Saving like 85% of the hosting expenses compared to all other crypto currencies I know of.

So the problem is not return or fiat exchange rate - but that they need to step up their game and buy more. Again, bear market is never forever and when it ends we are back to 2017 crazy crypto millionares all over the place and it will be you if you are prepaired and did not give up.

**Todays Wisdom - ** There are 2 Mindsets in life: See you as the victem in life VS See that your actions are the root to 90% of the problems in your life.



(OriZ) #5

I think if people want to run a masternode they need a long term view as well. The point isn’t necessarily making money here and now. It has to be looked at differently imo…Running a masternode, even if you’re currently losing on it, doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. The point is to collect the coins over time so that when the price does go up which I am 100% sure will happen you’ll be making money on all the coins you already have. For example say even if the price were to be 0.0015…you’re losing ~$4 on running a copper. but you stick with it, and in 2 years the price is 0.015. Now all of a sudden what you’re making returns what you “lost” in probably only a month, and the rest is net profit because you stuck around. Looking just at what it’s making now is extremely short sighted imo, but unfortunately short sighted is the definition of crypto these days


Confucius, oriz123, are you guys both devs working for Diviproject?

(OriZ) #7

I don’t work for Divi no, but I’m a beta tester.


Loosing money running a Masternode is illogical, when you can spend the money on more DIVI while keeping the DIVI you already own for staking.


Has any of you already set up the new PayPal Masternodes?

(OriZ) #10

Many people. you really should hang out on telegram, you’d find answers to alot of your questions.


I don’t use Telegram or Discord services. Why wouldn’t someone just use the official forum?

(OriZ) #12

The forum is relatively new and most people are still not used to it or even aware of its existence


The devs say we’ll get real time help on Telegram. The downside is you have to give your phone number to verify.


So what happens to the old, pre-reform Masternodes now?

(OriZ) #15

Do you have the most recent version? if your wallet is up to date, and it’s possible to just pay for the masternode, there will be a $ sign. if the masternode is from early days then core is too old and a redeployment will be needed. In either case, unpaid masternodes are being stopped a little at a time.