Paid Work vs Free Work ( Dash Grants )


Found a guy on dash forums telling why he sold Dash.
His arguments are pretty bad.
But he got 1 good argument that we can learn from.

He talks about Dash paying people for doing work for Dash.

Like Dash say “make xxx work and you get xxx Dash”

Problem is as he says that everybody suddenly feels stupid to do anything for Dash for free.

And that point is so true.

I get paid from my masternode already so why would I need more? Any positive thing I do towards my coin of choice will likely pay me back in an increased price long term of my coins. ( it will if we are enough doing things of PR. Value - even just comments, likes, shares )

So in actuality we all, if we assume everybody owns a masternode minimum. Get paid for doing good things for Divi. Both passively here and now and long term for being active telling the world about Divi. Getting the word out there about Divi :sunny:

The biggest short term reward for being a Divi owner to me is the hope of a better future. Not just for my self but for the world! - Hope gives a reason to wake up every day. - Hope can move mountains. (just like religions can)

Hope -> work = change.

Look at Martin Luther King, Ghandi, and others.
But also notice. They all got assassinated.
The world is not ruled by good people. Good people get assassinated.
But take the money control from the bad people and they are powerless.
Crypto is the savior of humanity in truth.




This is silly and immature. If the intent of Divi is to gain market share and grow in value that’s not going to happen by devaluing efforts of the community by saying “oh do it free because it helps others”. That’s not capitalism, that’s communism. And this is an attempt at created a commodity with value in a capitalistic society.

If you want to do communism then start giving away Divi for free to the masses.

Hope->work = Change …no…it’s “work = pay”.

Starting to think this project is a waste of time for me. Not seeing enough clear leadership and guidance.


(Dave) #3

Months-late reply, but I’m actually here because I see wonderful leadership and guidance from the Divi team. I listened to a couple of interviews, looked into the project’s goals and a bit of it’s history, and into the team to a small extent. The blog has meaningful updates and hard progress and goalsetting. There’s transparency here that’s severely lacking in other projects that I’ve invested in…I’d recommend sticking around and seeing if you change your mind.