No functionality on wallet as per most recent patch

Expected behavior

Able to send a transaction, add an address to address book, enable 2FA etc.

Actual behavior

None of the above is available on my client ver 1.3.0 - missing buttons and features that are shown in the 11/7/19 patch notes

Operating system

  • [*] Windows 10

Detailed reproduction steps

Reinstalled client twice using primer both times, chosen all restart options - no changes

Fully sync’d wallet

I have ran further trial and error, it seems the my wallet can only be used if I have zero balance. If I upload my wallet.dat backup then all functionality is lost. I have attempted to add 2FA but this is fully broken unfortunately. When choosing unlock by 2FA it asks for my wallet password, not the authenticator passcode. If I unlock the wallet at that point, it stays unlocked for roughly one second and then locks again. The product is unusable, how can I fix this issue?

Hello, it would be easier to troubleshoot this via our telegram support in a chat…have you joined us over there yet?

I have,

It’s either a corrupted wallet or I’ve for 120k Divi that’s impossible to use. I did not create a recovery seed, only copied the wallet.dat as a backup - it was about a year ago and I can’t remember if I had the wallet open at the point of copy which may be the issue.

The HDD with the original wallet on is in another country and I’m not sure when I’m going to be back there yet.