No earnings from MasterNode for 8 days

Hi! I’ve been running a Silver DIVI Masternode since last December and it has been running beautifully with earnings arriving regularly.
But now nothing has come in since July 18.
From my wallet, it says the MasterNode is running on Digital Ocean.
I used to be able to double check this was enabled from but that is not up and running at the moment.
Is there somewhere I can check it is still running?
When using the Chainz link to it sees the masternode, but no information if it is running OK.

Many thanks

Windows 10

Hello, have you been helped with this yet? if not, what is your masternode address?

is it normal to only be getting one payment of 540 divi each month or is my wallet glitching? I have had my wallet for 3 moths. never recieved any rewards from first month, second moth at the very last day recieved 540 divi…and third month near the end same thing 540 divi.
seems really low compared to the mentioned stated value on masternodesonline. I have used some of the options within maintenance to see if I can find missing transaction but nothing is changing. am I missing something?