No blog update and roadmap isn't updated?

There is no update this week? As normally every Friday there is an update about the developments from team DIVI.

And why is the roadmap updated for some months? This should be updated frequently in order to gain trust or you guys should remove it from your website - at least the percentages if they aren’t updated.

The roadmap was updated a week ago. We took a week off from updates this week due to two national independence days. This was communicated via telegram. Join our channel if you haven’t already.


Hi Nick - thanks for your reply. I didn’t noticed this was communicated via Telegram as I don’t use this app regularly. I’m more a Discord kind of guy. :wink:

Keep up the good work!

Also, why are the last commits on GitHub 8 months ago?

You’re not on the dev branch. Look at posv3.

Thanks Nick - but where do I find this?

We also have many other repositories.