New exchanges upcoming?

(Jules) #1

Hi there, any news on new exchanges which will be listing DIVI?



If you followed the news/updates you would know.

There are some we cant know about before it is done offical by the exchange.

But we know of 1 officially that takes place some time in Q1.

Dx.Exchange, try google it.

Totally new, just launching in the EU.

It is like a Binance/Coinbase level of Exchange with fiat to crypto.

It will be crazy for the whole crypto space and not just Divi when it launches.

They have had a lot of delays because they want it to be perfect before they launch it. Quality. Security.

(Jules) #3

Thanks for your reply - I’ve heard of DX.Exchange. This exchange is hyped enough to become something big, hopefully DIVI can profit and increase the community/volume and price of course. :slight_smile:

I’ve read the updates as well, but I didn’t found any info about exchanges so that’s why I created this topic. Nevertheless, hopefully DIVI will be listed on more exchanges!


Divi also just got on Vinex exchange in December.

And the Midas wallet in December.

I dont understand how people can claim they read all announcements from the team when they clearly dont. You are far from the first to say that. Maybe people read the announcements too fast or something so they skip details in the speed. I dont know.

Also, there is Divi Announcement telegram channel, this channel the biggest news are announced.

But I have found a few times where some minor news are only announce on Twitter.

Like a picture with the huge crypto guru “pomp” and Nick posing for the camera. Alone the fact that he knows about Divi is big. Opens so many posibilities if he got interessted as he likely did. But would ofc not be said offically if the case was so. Before we hit the time it can not be held back anymore.


Nick just yesterday said in the Divi Official telegram channel that he DAILY get contacted at least 2 times a day if we want to be listed on their exchange. But Nick says the fees are either stupid high or it is a scam exchange with fake volume and all that jazz. We only list on Quality Exchanges Nick said and I agree 1000%.

Actually tons of things are happening all the time with Divi. And it is all quality news.

The Divi ship is sailing directly to the harbor of success the way things are going right now. And no the price dont matter anything right now. In reality. Price is more a sign of emotions in the market than value if you look at a asset in a time scale less than 10+ years. The true, correct price of an asset comes over DECADES. “Warren Buffet”

Just hold your Divi tight until next bull market.
Losers sell at the bottom, winners hold through the bear market. How investing work in general over decades.

Remember Investing in crypto is a long term investment. The crypto space is still in its infacy. Where the best investments are made.