New Exchange Else Death


Divi needs to add a solid exchange otherwise it’s going to be a dead market. Currently one small and untrustworthy market exists. I’m not risking putting $1000 worth of anything into these tiny exchanges.

Will someone on the team give us as much detail as possible about why we’re not on a better exchange, what’s being done to get us unto a better exchange, and when do they expect to be on a good exchange?

I want answers. And if I’m accused of having an attitude that’s fine. I want the answers anyways. This is about MONEY and attitude has nothing to do with answering investor questions.

(Johnny401View) #2

“As we wait for the situation to resolve over at Cryptopia, we are actively engaging with other exchanges to provide new, reliable trading and liquidity solutions for all Divi users. Crex24 has accepted our listing application and has quoted us a 3-10 day lead time on integrating Divi with their exchange. Meanwhile, we are in discussions with 3 other exchanges and are finalizing due diligence and/or paperwork with them now. The Divi team is committed to providing solutions for our users and we will keep you updated as things progress. Thank you.”

(OriZ) #3

No one is going to give you the answer you want, not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t. That’s simply how it works. Any discussions with exchanges come with strict NDA’s. If you think the team isn’t diligently pursuing more exchanges and is comfortable with where it’s at right now you’re mistaken. They already announced Crex24, there will be others, you will know when it’s time.


I wasn’t aware the exchanges forced NDA’s. What’a corrupt system. I do know they often want huge payouts to get listed. Crex24 is a tiny exchange too doing less than $500k USD per day in trading. Getting listed on there is useless and more of a backup to the other tiny exchange.

I look forward to any official news about new exchange listings for Divi. I’m an influencer with a community of over 600k members. I’m not going to mention my Divi holdings until there is a reputable exchange involved.

(OriZ) #5

Understandable, I’m not a fan of bleutrade myself. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.


I don’t see Divi at Crex24 yet? I think the exchange Bleutrade is having problems the past 24 hours. Any word on exchanges for Divi? This is mismanagement imho. You can’t ask those trying to support Divi to do so without an active exchange.

You want $15 for all the Masternodes (which btw I will not pay) but how is that going to work when there aren’t exchanges to turn your Divi into BTC?

I’ll go back to the title of this thread…NEW EXCHANGE ELSE DEATH! I’ve wasted my $1000 it seems. Three weeks and nothing.

(OriZ) #7

And I’ll say it again maybe you should join telegram so you could stay up to date a little more?


And I will say again, I don’t use Telegram. Why have an official forum if you’re going to want activity on a 3rd party service?

(Johnny401View) #9
  1. If you don’t want to use telegram you can follow weekly progress here.
  1. The forum is typically used by members to discuss ideas, not the team reporting mechanism. See #1.

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To address your exchange or death comment:

  1. Typing it in caps shouting doesn’t change the significance
  2. If you don’t want to pay the $15 for the MN hosting, nobody is forcing you. You can always stake.
  3. I addressed your communication questions above
  4. As Oriz mentiined above, you are not going to get the answer you want. Exchanges will be ready when it’s done.
  5. Divi can not speed up the exchange listing, it’s up to the exchange.

I hope these past 2 messages helped, it’s my last on the topic. Good luck.