Name the Smallest unit of a DIVI


A Bitcoin can be divided down to 8 decimal points. The smallest unit is known as a Satoshi. A DIVI can also be broken down to 8 decimal points but doesn’t have an official name. This sounds like a good project for the community. Who’s got a suggestion?

(Johnny401View) #2

A Saponaro :slight_smile:

(OriZ) #3

A dent? totally kidding btw.


A Divide?

(Peter) #5

Saponaro is actually a good name. That would be perfect.


I agree. Saponaro is perfect. It has Satoshi ring to it with a Italian spaghetti meatballs twist;)

And as Oriz pointed out. We’ll have Sats and Saps. What else do we need?

(Johnny401View) #7

@nicksaponaro see above :slight_smile:

(OriZ) #8

A Divnero?


Still just kidding btw.

(Nick Saponaro) #9

Lol you guys flatter me! :blush:

I think with this type of thing, we just start using the terms and they begin to catch on (see also: HODL, wen moon, etc). So whatever you guys choose, we will adapt!

(sai) #10

A Div. “The < div > tag defines a division”.

(~ Node of the Realm ~) #11

Definitely a Saponaro… Saps!


For god’s sake!

I read the topic in the email newsletter and it did hit me instantly. SAPONARO!

Came here and everyone got the same idea. No doubt here!

Nick, we also have to see that this puts us in the same “level” as Bitcoin what is good for marketing.

(Christine Marlow) #13

How about a McNaro? for Geoff and Nick worst case scenario you got a new sandwich at McDonalds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A minion? Is fun and it honors the beginning of DIVI before the crowd-sale when everyone had DIVI minions profile pictures.


I know, many will initially think it’s unimaginative. But I like DIV!

It’s like a singular where DIVI wouldbe the plural of DIV in many (at least european) languages that DIVI is a lot of DIV, a tiny, basic, inDIVIsible particle.

I like pure form and I think It would be good for this project to make it’s naming as logical, and as intuitive as possible.

It could also take a form of any derivative hinting at an elementary particle. DIVO, DIVION. DI.

Or why don’t we try something even shorter: “V”
Like V for Victory :slight_smile:

(OriZ) #16

Then why not just D? :grin:


Sounds good to me :smiley:

Names change. Did you know that the famous “Likes” on facebook were originally called “Awesomes”

We may just give it time, keep exchanging ideas and see, what sticks.


How about INDI Like indivisible or individual, independent.

(Jules) #19

I would say Dicky


Like LeQuint Dickey from Django Unchained? :wink: