Mini-mode is good, it can be better

Mark one
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Yay for bringing mini mode. But it needs improvement:

  1. to activate minimode, there should be a button on the main screen. I would suggest putting it next to the staking switch. This doesn’t belong in settings

  2. its just boring text. It should be divi-styled. Icons, logo, some red (or dark background and blurple.

  3. lose the transactions, have the mini window get larger if you hover over an icon if transactions are desired to be seen. Or maybe a small toggle.

  4. Balances aren’t bad. Why all the whitespace?

  5. why all the text for wallet info: Do them just like in the wallet. Why make it different at all?

  6. if you are going to put some text, have it be statistics. Like stakes/day. Masternode status, value of balance, date-time of last stake and or masternode reward

  7. flash when a reward comes in,

With all this… mini mode will be mini.

Implementation (optional)

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